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Galleria Department Store
Jan 3, 2018

Galleria Department Store is famous for its unique modern exterior design. Its exterior definitely stands out in the neighborhood. In Cheonan, there are two department stores, Shinsaegae and Galleria. While Shinsaegae Department store is well-loved because of its convenient location, Galleria Department is loved because of its beautiful exterior and interior along with its well-organized shopping atmosphere. Everything inside is well organized and the store is not very busy on weekdays. If you want to shop in a calm, luxury atmosphere, you are advised to try Galleria Department Store. Oh, don’t be amazed. Even the bathrooms in the department are so pretty! It is not that far from Choenan-Asan KTX station and Asan subway station.


Address : 1299, Buldang-dong, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do

TEL : 041-559-9114

URL http://branch.galleria.co.kr/branch/guide/main.jsp?searchDptCd=B143&lm=1

Business hours : 10:30 ~ 20:00

Bus : 1, 12, 90, 990

Regular holidays : Always open

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