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Korea is home to many delicious foods. They have spicy tteokbokki, Pork Belly, Chicken Skewers, and seasonal foods like HoDeok. Sometimes it’s hard to find time to go to the restaurant and enjoy these kinds of foods. Luckily for all you busy people,  there is a street in Chonan where you can enjoy these street foods for very cheap.

Chicken on a stick (닭꼬치)

The first kind of street food that I visited was chicken and pork on a stick. There were five types of foods that you could get. You could have regular chicken, flavored chicken, rice cakes and hot dogs, pork on a stick, and fried chicken on a stick. There are optional dipping sauces that you can get if you want. The prices are listed below in the picture but are all around 2500 won or 3000 per stick. There was seating if you wanted to eat there or you can ask for take- out.

Rice Cakes Spicy Tteokbogi

The next food is Tteokbogi food stands. This place has spicy rice cakes, some traditional Korean pancakes, fish cakes, and some soups. All of the meals are around 3,000 won.

Bread and Waffles

After eating lots of cheap and delicious chicken or Tteokbogi why not enjoy some Korean deserts. The first desert place I visited was this waffle and bread place. There were little balls of bread that were either spicy or sweet. The prices were listed in the photo. But the waffles were the best.  There were four toppings that you could get with your waffles: Honey, Nutella, apple, and cream cheese. The waffles were all around 2500-3000 won. I got the cream cheese one and it was amazing.

Sweet Deep fried rice cakes (호떡)

One of my favorites fall foods in Korea is HoDeok. Its a sweet. deep-fried rice cake with cinnamon and sugar in the middle. In the fall it’s a must-have for the winter blues. The rice cake place I visited was great. They made the rice cakes fresh to order right in front of you. They are very cheap only 1 dollar for one rice cake.  It’s a must-try if you have never eaten one before.

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