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Green Garden Center in Cheonan
Jun 29, 2020

Where can you find garden supplies in Cheonan?

It was a humid day when I found myself in search of plants somewhere in a busy area near Wonseong Stream in Dongnam-gu. I just didn’t find what I had in mind but it was even better. If you are thinking of growing your own plants like ornamental shrubs, trees and maybe even your own private forest, then this can be just the right place to start. 

This Green Garden Center provides the garden supplies from seeds to other tools and accessories that you might need. It also serves as a place to find forest products that Korea has to offer through the local branch of the country’s forest cooperative store. 

Korean Forest Fast Facts

Did you know that more than half of Korea’s land area is covered with trees? 

According to the Korean Forest Service data, 63.35% of Korea is forest and 20% is agricultural land. It only makes sense that the country would have agencies to manage this natural wealth. 

This wasn’t the case back in the middle of the 20th century. Korea had to implement a reforestation program and land use changed for industrialization back in the mid-1950’s.

Starting at 35% forest cover area at that time, the government established various agencies to increase that number. After decades of diligently pursuing the goal, the country has successfully run programs not only to have more trees but to also find ways to use it sustainably. This is one lesser-known field, compared to the more popular internet speed, that this country has been successful. 

Government agencies like the Korea Forest Service and private ones like cooperatives work together to achieve this. One of which is the National Forestry Cooperative Federation which I happen to find along Wonseong Stream in Dongnam-gu. The first thing that one will notice here are the plants near the street and the sign “Green Garden Center.” 

What forest products can we find there?

Various forest products are sold from food to furniture. On the right side upon entering the supply store are wooden room dividers, picnic tables and Korean-style foldable dining tables of different sizes. There are some wooden pillows, as well as wooden chips used as pillow fillers. If you’re looking for some Korean wooden things for the kitchen like spatulas and rice spoons, I found mine there. 

But that is not all. There’s an area for food products too. I found a shelf full of different dried stems, barks, roots and more.  Think of natural medicinal teas sourced from the forest like wormwood or maybe some of them as flavorings for the cooking in the kitchen. I saw a more commonly available sesame oil but a walnut oil is something new for me.  

Aside from those direct forest products, there are also dried mushrooms and bee products like pollen and honey. It’s just amazing how much good we get from the trees, right? 

What kind of plants are there?

But of course! The main thing that drew me there in the first place were the plants. It is a garden center after all. The variety of plants that they sell includes local and imported ornamental plants. There were also a few berries and herbs. 

Since it is still summer, the outdoor area with some hydrangeas was in full bloom with colors from the flowers and leaves. Yes, leaves. These blue leaves are from a plant called festuca glauca or Elijah Blue. 

The indoor nursery had more interesting things to see and buy, of course. Be warned that it might take an extra power to resist buying more than what you came for in the first place. A very eye-catching soft monkey tail cactus (hildewintera colademononis) will be one of the first things that you will see at the entrance. You will suddenly feel transported to a different place — to Bolivia possibly. Do you want to guess how much this premium cactus cost here in Korea? Just a whopping 3M won!!! 

No worries, there are a lot of other cactus available that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. On the right side of the entrance is the succulents corner. I would not attempt to even name one anymore but these can be a delight for those who prefer the seemingly low-maintenance plant favorite. 

So much for the cacti! Let’s check out what else to find inside. There are a few herbs like the ubiquitous sweet basil, lavender, and rosemary. I also saw a couple of pots of kalamansi with a few fruits. Mostly are ornamental like hostas, mandevillas, hydrangeas, marian, dinema plants and more.  See for yourself if you can name them all because I obviously can’t. 😀

What are the available garden supplies?

The building has a gardening supplies store on the first floor of the main building near the parking lot.  You can find vegetable and flower seeds the minute you step into the store. They also sell soil, solid fertilizer balls and liquid fertilizers for your plant care.

If you are keen on decorating your garden, gardening supplies like sphagnum moss, jute tape, pebbles, and landscaping supplies are also available. But if you want to feel the rustic countryside or outdoor-style cooking, I also spotted a couple of stoves and grills ready to be fueled with wood or charcoal.

There were also some fancy tools to make your gardening work a little bit easier like the Korean “homi.” This special Korean planting tool is pretty unique and does its job pretty well. You can use this in simple gardening jobs or backbreaking one like digging up sweet potatoes in the fall.

The pots for sale are in a different place next to the nursery. There are decorative ceramic pots and of different sizes to choose from. 

This gardener’s haven is located at Yuryangdong Dongnam-gu and open 7 days a week. They also have a Naver blog in Korean but it has loads of plant photos and available gardening supplies.

That’s it! Now, you know where to go when you need to plant some greenery in your life. Check this place out and be inspired to go green!