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Guide to 5-day Rotation Mask Distribution System and Revised Recommendations for the Use of Masks
Mar 10, 2020

As demand for masks skyrockets due to a surge in confirmed patients of COVID-19, a 5-day rotation mask distribution system is implemented.

We will guide you through the 5-day rotation mask distribution system and revised recommendations for the use of masks.

Purchasing Days

  • The 5-day rotation mask distribution system enables you to purchase the mask only on a specified day, based on the last number of your birth year.

  •  Based on the last number of the birth year, Mondays are for 1 & 6, Tuesdays 2 & 7, Wednesdays 3 & 8, Thursdays 4&9, Fridays 5 & 0 and Saturdays and Sundays are available for purchase by those who have not purchased during the week

Purchase Restrictions

  •  Mask sales are limited to two masks per person per week.

  • To prevent duplicate purchases, ID verification will be conducted. If you have a history of a weekday purchase, you will not be able to make an additional purchase during that week, and even if you haven’t purchased masks during a given week, you will not be allowed to make extra purchases on the next week.

  • When purchasing a mask, you must bring a public ID to prove your identity, and in the case of minors, you must be able to verify your identity with your student ID, passport, or resident registration certificate. If you accompany a legal representative, such as a parent, you must present your legal representative’s ID card and resident registration certificate. For persons with disabilities, a proxy can buy masks for them if he or she brings the disability registration card, and if you are a foreigner, you must present your health insurance card and certificate of alien registration.

Section Identity Verification Methods
Adult Present your ID card, driver’s license or passport in person
Minor 1. Present your passport in person

2. Present your student ID and resident registration certificate together

3. Visit with your legal representative and present your legal representative’s ID card and resident registration certificate

Disabled Purchase is permitted if the proxy brings the disability registration card
Foreigner Present your health insurance card and certificate of alien registration together

Guide on Proxy Purchase 

Children born after 2010, elderly people born before 1940, long-term care benefit recipients (Children who turned 10 years old and elderly persons whose 80th birthday has not yet passed are eligible for proxy purchase)

※ The person purchasing must be a co-habitant registered in the resident registration certificate for proxy purchase, and masks can be purchased on the day of the week that corresponds to the end number of the birth year of the recipient of the proxy purchase.

During proxy purchase, you must bring a copy of your ID card and the resident registration certificate of the minor or the elderly that you are listed to be living with. If you are purchasing masks for a long-term care benefit recipient as a proxy, you must bring the certificate of long-term care benefit.

Price and Purchasing Places

  • The price of public masks is unified at 1,500 won per piece, and masks are sold at pharmacies, post offices, and Hanaro Marts (Nonghyup).

  • In the case of pharmacies, from March 9, the 5-day rotation distribution system will be implement, so the sales will be limited to two pieces per person per week.

  • Once Hanaro Marts and post offices become equipped with verification system for duplicate purchases, the 5-day rotation distribution system will also be implemented in the same way as pharmacies.

  • Until then, only one mask per day per person can be purchased at Hanaro Marts and post offices, and the number distribution time was unified to 9:30 a.m. to prevent people from crowding post offices and Hanaro Marts in panic buying.


Purchase restriction of 2 pieces per person per week

Effective from Mar. 9 (Mon)

※ However, purchase of two pieces per person is allowed for three days from Mar. 6 (Fri) to Mar. 8 (Sun).

Effective when integrated system is completed

※ 1 piece per person until the integrated system is established

5-day rotation purchasing by day

Effective from Mar. 9 (Mon)

Effective when integrated system is completed

Implementing duplicate purchase verification system

Effective from Mar. 6 (Fri)

Effective when integrated system is completed

 Guide on Revised Recommendations for the Use of Masks

(Temporary guidelines in an emergency situation)

① Thoroughly conduct personal hygiene such as managing hygiene of personal goods, securing social distancing, and indoor ventilation, etc.

② If there is a risk of infection, such as contact with a suspected person, people in high-risk groups with underlying diseases must use medical masks

③ If there is a low risk of infection or lack of medical masks : Use of cotton mask (including static filter replacement) is also helpful

④ Masks are not required in less crowded areas outdoor, in homes, and individual spaces

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, we ask all citizens to wear a mask when going out and to follow precautions such as thorough hand washing and use of hand sanitizers.

In addition, please refrain from going to public-use facilities and places where people are gathered in large numbers.