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Hiking in Cheonan: Bongseo Mountain
Nov 15, 2018

One of my favorite things to do in Korea is hiking. South Korea has a unique topography where mountains are the prime component of South Korea’s landscape. Mountains still have some importance in religion, but in modern times they had become a really popular outdoors activities.

Is true that some young Korean people think is more an activity for older people, but foreigners had been really attracted to do hiking in the Korean’s mountains lately years. The first time I did hiking was 2 years ago at Gagwon Temple in Cheonan with my foreigner friends at that moment no Korean wanted to come with us. I was really surprised because back in my country is almost impossible to do this kind of activities (principally because of the insecurity that my country is facing and mountains are kinda different) and here in Korea you can even go by yourself and nothing is gonna happen to you.

Another of the advantages of doing hiking in Korea is the beautiful and different landscape you can have depending on the season you are going because is a country that have really marked their seasons. My favorite time to do hiking definitely is in autumn because the view is just stunning.

As I said, there are a bunch of places to do hiking in Korea and Cheonan is not the exception, there are a couple of beautiful mountains perfectly to do and enjoy some hiking. One of my top places to do it is in the BongSeo Mountain.

But why it is hiking a really popular activity in South Korea? First of all is a perfect spot for having a beautiful view of nature and perfect for taking pictures. Is too a relaxing way to do exercise. When I feel stressed or tired I just go and do some hiking. Something I really found interesting is that while you are going up to the mountains you can find exercise machines! What a better way to do exercise while you are having a beautiful view.

But exercise machines are not the only thing you can actually find. Mountains, as said above, are an important part of religion and traditional culture of Korea so you can see too these pavilion too, where you can actually take a rest or have your lunch. You are going to be able to see some old people having their tea or coffee or water while talking to each other there.

Doing hiking is the perfect way to purifying yourself from daily stress. Is also an activity that everyone can enjoy it doesn’t matter the age. Koreans consider this activity as a perfect way to take a rest, doing exercise and spend time with family and friends.

While hiking, you might be able to see in different parts of the mountain a pile of stones, it has a religion meaning about hope and wish. So when people are climbing the mountain they pile a stone over other stones and make a wish, usually a simple wish like health or success in school or work. Of course, passing the years there had been some different meanings like some people say that many years ago in Korea were used as a weapon and a way of protection and in some other cultures they had been doing this as a way to mark the trail.

Hiking in Korean mountains is definitly an activity you can’t miss while you are in this country.

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