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Hiking Heukseong Mountain
May 14, 2018

Heukseong Mountain lies to the east of Cheonan and offers a great escape from the city life. Whilst it’s not as popular as the Taejo Mountain, the beauty of this lies in its isolated and quiet surroundings with very few people cluttering the trails. The peak was once a fortress site and the mountain is otherwise known as “Black Fortress Mountain”.

There is very little information online regarding this mountain and hence when I went to explore, I spent the first hour trying to find out where exactly the route begins! There are a few paths leading to the peak of Heukseong Mountain, but one of them is closed and I’d recommend you climb the route starting from The Independence Hall of Korea.

Before you begin your hike, I suggest you visit the Independence Hall. Also pack in a few snacks and water as there are places to stop along the route to have a break and relax.

The hiking route

The round trip to the peak and back is 3 km and will take you about 2 hours. It’s a well-marked route with a gradual incline that will ensure you get a good workout. Once you reach the top, you have a bird’s eye view of Cheonan as well as the Independence Hall. I hiked this mountain in early April and was surprised to see how empty the route was. The flowers hadn’t bloomed yet so although the path wasn’t as scenic as I’d hoped, it was still a great day out exploring.


How to get to Heukseong Mountain

From the Cheonan Bus Terminal take bus 400 or 401 to the Independence Hall of Korea. The trip to the Independence Hall takes about an hour by bus from the Cheonan Express Bus Terminal, and 20 minutes by car.

Once you reach the Independence Hall, you’ll need to walk through the park and follow the road to the outer perimeter of the property. There is a clearly marked sign showing the start of the trail.

How to get there?