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Going to the for the first time can be overwhelming as a foreigner. You can’t speak the language; You don’t how to use the machines; You are unsure how to exercise safely or how much to exercise. All of this uncertainty along with feeling self-conscious about your body can stop you from investing in your health. But with Covid-19, Its more important than ever to keep your body healthy. I want to alleviate your fears about joining a gym and give you some information about how you can start living a healthier life today.

Rambo Gym

Rambo Gym is easy to find just look for the Burger King across the street from Shinshagae Department Store in Sinbudang. Then take the elevator to the 4th floor. When I walked in I had to take off my shoes and use the guest’s shoes. One of the workers promptly explained to me the pricing for Personal Training and for just a gym membership.

The gym was a little on the small side but It has plenty of gym equipment for you to use. There were individual lockers for your clothes. Men and Women’s locker rooms for changing and showering. The only bad part like all the gyms is that if you don’t speak Korean it might be hard signing up.

Cost of the Gym

Rambo Gym had two separate pricing. The basic gym membership was 100,000 won a month. If you were interested in personal training, the cheapest package is ten 50 minute sessions for 600 dollars. The advantage of Rambo gym is that if you buy a personal training package, the gym membership is included.

How do I get there

Address: 충남 천안시 동남구 만남로 48 RGB빌딩 4층 람보짐

지번충남 천안시 동남구 신부동 462-5

Phone: 041-555-8121

Healthy Boy Gym

Down the street from Rambo Gym is Healthy Boy Gym.  It is located on the 2nd floor of the building. The sign is a little hard to see from the outside. When I walked in I didn’t have to take off my shoes. There was a small offices where the pricing of the gym was explained to me.

What the gym like?

The gym was by far the biggest I’ve seen in Sinbudang. If you come here, there is no need to bring gym clothes or shower towels as they are all provided. The gym has separate rooms for pilates, yoga, and group exercise classes. The gym had plenty of various exercise machines and workers who are eager to assist you if you need it. One down side is that when I went there the music was quite loud. The worker that I saw spoke average English so If you come here, I don’t think you will need any helpers to sign up.

How much is it?

The price of the gym was 90,000 won a month. The personal training classes were 660,000 for 10 classes. Unlike the other gyms, you have to buy both the gym membership and the personal training classes.  However, the trainers were nice and gave me two extra classes for free.

Address: Sky Tower Apartment Building 4th floor Near Shinsagae Department Store

Phone: 521.0707


Monday-Friday 24 hours.

Saturday 7pm close.

Sunday 11 am to 7pm c

Tiger Gym

Tiger gym is located next to Starbucks in Shinbudang. Its located on the second floor of the # building. The apartment has a number sign as their name. Like all the other gyms, I took off my shoes and the workers promptly explained the pricing.

What is the gym like?

I went to this gym on a Wednesday night and it was the least busy of all the gyms. There wasn’t any music playing which is also nice if you like working out in a quiet environment. There were plenty of machines to work out with and like all the gyms they offered men’s and women’s changing rooms. At Tiger gym, you have to bring your own clothes but they do have lockers for your personal items.

How much is it?

Regular gym membership costs 100,000 a month. Personal training had a flat fee of 55,000 won a session. If you sign up for personal training, then you don’t have to pay for the gym membership. The worker didn’t speak much English so if you come here you will probably need help signing up.

Where is it?

Address  타이거짐 페이지, 동남구 만남로 9 더샵 2층

Phone 041-554-5678

My first class with my trainer

I decided to join Healthy Boy Gym because the trainer did the best job with explaining the process of personal training.  I started off my first lesson with a consultation on some of my fitness goals and some measuring of my body weight. The gym uses a machine that measures your muscle, body weight, and body fat. The trainer gave me some calorie recommendations and then we started our first session.

We started our class with 10 minutes of warm-up. After warmups,  the trainer taught me the basics of working out. From the beginning, It’s important to focus on proper form over using heavy weights. The goal is to use lighter weights when teaching proper form, then adding heavier weights later.  We worked out on 9 machines that worked out legs chest and arms. After the workout, I received my results via the “In Body” app that tracks my health.

How to get there?