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Brace yourselves as the Hottest Days are coming for this year 2020.







Pronuounced as Bongnal, 복날 (Bok.Nal), considered as the Hottest Days during the Summer Season in a Year based on the Lunar calendar.




It is characterize into three: 

초복 Chobok 

the start or beginning of the hot summer


중복 Jungbok

the middle part of the hot summer and lastly,


말복 Malbok 

the end of this hot summer







Koreans these days pay much attention to their health. When these hottest days come, they counteract it USUALLY by eating Hot food such as 삼계탕 (Sam.Gye.Tang) which is a Hot Chicken Ginseng Soup.



My mother-in-law invited us for dinner just last weekend. And she cooked this 삼계탕 for us in preparation for the 초복 which is just a few days later.





If you tend to just eat out so as not to be tired preparing and cooking for long hours, maybe you can check out this popular samgyetang place in Yuryangdong which will be featured in my next article. (Will update it here soon.)



For now, let’s get to know the exact dates of Bongnal for this year.

초복 Chobok – July 16

중복 Jungbok – July 26

말복 Malbok  – August 15





When you check the weather forecast, the days considered to be the “hottest” don’t really have a higher temperature as compared to some other days. This is just predicted by the Lunar Calendar.



So, there you go! Stay dry during this Jangma and cool on these hottest days of 2020!




Kindly drop a comment below to let us know how do you wanna stay cool during these “hottest” days ahead.^^