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Indoor activities in Cheonan
Dec 20, 2018

It’s officially December, the weather is getting colder. if this is your first winter here let me tell you that you have to really get prepared for this. it is not a joke! Winters in Korea are known to be harsh, and I’ve heard that this year will be even more than the last one, so get ready my friend.
The good news that it doesn’t mean you have to lock yourself at home, winter in Korea is as much is cold as much is fun. if you are visiting Cheonan this winter, then you are lucky there are plenty of things to no be missed during winter. here whether outdoor or indoor activities, if you go with the second choice, then You can stay warm while enjoying a different kind of indoor activities! And virtual reality VR arcades, may be one of the choices! with a really good big game collection, also If you want to test your abilities on some songs, then karaoke rooms or norebang is the right thing for you. and you can find both of it in VR cafes which are everywhere in Cheonan. so that was my friend’s decision for this weekend.

once you come to Korea you will notice how much Korean are into PC games, PS games, there are hundreds of games to choose. Whether you are alone, with friends or with family, VR will have something in store for you.

Virtual reality or VR is a computer-generated simulation of an environment that you can interact with or simply immerse yourself into a virtual world.it can be used for education, entertainment, psychology, and obviously, gaming.
South Korea has been growing as one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. so it’s no surprise when the latest trend, virtual reality(VR), has been popping up in complexes and cafes everywhere.

I read the neon banner “VR World” and my heart rose a few levels. We rushed inside and were greeted by a friendly staff who didn’t speak much English, but they were very friendly and tried their best to explain to us how everything works. the staff doesn’t stay in the room with you but you can always call them for assistance.it was ₩7,000 per person for 60 minutes and that we were able to play as many games as we want, in that amount of time. now the moment of the truth. we have an hour the countdown starts we tried to play everything we want, in the cafe and because it was the weekend so obviously we noticed a lot of high school students. and they were mostly in groups, also families kids there were games for each age but don’t worry that doesn’t mean you will enter in competition to whom play first, the place is so big and has a variety of games. and I heard also that they update the new games every week. you Can play solo or multi-player you will find a special room for multiplayer games.

you receive a mask to wear, as a liner between your face and the VR equipment and the joystick. now you are ready to escape the real world and cross over into a series of simulated adrenaline-rushed scenarios. I felt like I am into another world. 360-degree turn with very beautiful picture make me feel so real. The highlight of any visit is the CG bluescreen room where a camera records the players as they try to survive the virtual world, and projects the scenario they see through the headset on the blue screen.

after trying a lot of games and getting enough of dizziness we decide to go to karaoke rooms. Since this is a very strong habit in Korean culture, you can find noraebangs everywhere. Koreans feel singing is one way of getting rid of work or daily stress, most of them are just amazing at it.
When you are in the room of noraebang, you won’t be just singing or watching people sing, you will be dancing, drinking, eating and having lots of fun.
Generally noraebang cost you starting from 1,000 korean won you can pay that amount for three songs. And this karaoke rooms usually are quite small for one to two person and 30,000 won an hour depending on how fancy the noraebang and how many people will join, and also extra fees like food and drinks.
in our case, our norebang room was for two people the great thing that it includes with the other games, means that you just have to pay for one hour and you will have the karaoke rooms free for you. that was The most fun I’ve had in an hour in a long time!!!


충남 천안시 동남구 먹거리10길 26 지하1층


you can buy your ticket once you arrive its 7000 Korean Won per person.
Getting your ticket online will cost you 20% less its 5600 Korean Won for the weekend and 30%discount for weekdays.
But you have to buy it a day before going there, your ticket won’t be available if u get it the same day.


Open 7 days a week from 10 am to11pm.

we had wonderful time playing, it was a really great place to visit for VR gaming, with Nice staff. Well worth the money. Must visit if you are in Cheonan, strongly recommend.

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