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Indoor Badminton and More at the Community Sports Center
Dec 14, 2018

Thinking of playing badminton on a cold and windy day?

Why not?

But where? Indoors, of course. 

Don’t worry.

This post will give you some idea on where to go for indoor sports, and less expensive at that.

There should be one or two near you but

we decided to check out the main place for anything sports-related in Cheonan —

the Cheonan Sports Complex, right across from Cheonan City Hall.  

The sports complex has a number of indoor and outdoor facilities that you can choose from

and even if you are not totally into sports, you might just find an interesting one from these:

swimming, volleyball, table tennis, bowling,

badminton, indoor and outdoor tennis, etc.

(By the way, it’s not exactly a sport but there’s even a sauna

where you can sweat it out and scrub before heading out to the pool. Sauna+pool.)

There are a couple of posts about this place previously but this time,

we were in search of the indoor badminton area.

And since we were already there,

we also decided to wander around to find the bowling and table tennis areas.


Finding the badminton area required a bit of like going through a maze

even if I was with my Korean buddy.

A more detailed information would definitely help to find your way indoor.

This indoor badminton area is in the basement of Yu Gwan-sun Gym.

(If you’re a history buff and wondering who this place was named after,

she was a teenage girl who became a Korean national hero for fighting during the Japanese colonization.)

Now going back to badminton. (Please refer to the map above.)

Get the tickets at the swimming pool building.

Then head to find the badminton courts. How?

Coming out of the swimming pool building (B), you have to get into the building,

the Yu Gwan-sun Gym (A) almost next to it

either by using the entrance near the stadium ticket box or the one under the stairs.

Both entrances may look deserted but just keep going.

Bring some adventurous spirit with you as navigate your way inside.

the entrance to the swimming pool building


view if coming from the parking lot beside the swimming pool building

Taking the entrance under the stairs, head inside.

Then turn left and go straight down the hallway until you see the arrow before you reach the end.

Keep an eye for this sign “배드민턴장” (literally translated as badminton place).


Walk past through the toilets on the right

and you will see another sign that will direct you to go down a set of stairs to B1.

These flight of stairs will end at the door leading to the badminton area.

         Get in here and go downstairs.


Right photo: the staircase going down Left photo: the floor plan of B1 where you can find the badminton courts

There are about 7 courts which can sometimes be full or empty depending on the time.

It was pretty full on a Friday mid-afternoon and you may have to wait a little bit for an empty space.

There are also days when a group may use the whole court for a specific day and time

for some badminton tournaments

so that is something to keep in mind as well.

Note: Don’t forget to bring your badminton equipment and indoor sports shoes.


Location: Yu Gwan-sun Gym (Basement), Cheonan Sports Center

Cost: 1500 ₩ for 2 hours

Hours: 7:00 – 22:00

           Monday to Sunday except on holidays and special days

Table Tennis

The table tennis room and bowling alley are located in the underground space of the Cheonan Stadium. Well, it might say first floor but you have to GO DOWN some stairs to get there.  

One way to enter the stadium is between the East and North Gates.

From there, you can either turn left for the table tennis at the first door on the left

or turn right to head to the bowling alleys.

Go left to the table tennis or go right to the bowling lanes

Let’s check out the table tennis room. 

A standee of IU, a famous KPop singer/actress will guide you to the door.

It’s a small room with only a few tables, around 7 or 8 tables.

There were ongoing games when we went except for the two tables.

Location: Cheonan Stadium (1st Floor, between the N and E Gates), Cheonan Sports Center

Cost: See table below for prices.

Hours: 9:30 – 23:00  

           Monday to Sunday except on holidays and special days

Contact No. : (041) 551-79777)



If rolling bigger and heavier balls is your thing, check out the bowling alley.

The atmosphere here strikes me as for people who take the sport more seriously

since I’ve seen some dragging their bowling bags.

There were also some casual players like teens

who were just hanging out after school on a Friday afternoon.

This government-run bowling place has 20 lanes, a sporting goods store,

and a small snack area where you can find typical Korean snacks.

(read between the lines: Ramyeon)

You need to sign up on the list at the information. This is literally just jotting down your name.

Depending on the time, you may have to wait for your turn.

Choose your bowling shoes as you wait or grab some food first

since no food and drinks are allowed once you’re on the lanes.

You pay after the game.


Location: Cheonan Stadium (1st Floor, between the N and E Gates), Cheonan Sports Center

Cost: 2500 ₩ per game

Hours: 9:00 – 24:00

           Tuesday to Sunday except on holidays and special days.

Contact No. : (041) 529-5099


And here are some additional information to keep in mind in the bowling alley.

No alcohol-intoxicated people are allowed.

Use the bowling shoes when playing.

Never bring the shoes out even to the toilet.

No food and drinks allowed on the lanes.

Return the shoes and balls properly after the game.  


Do you now have an idea which sport would you like to try?

Just head to the Cheonan Sports Complex (Cheonan Jonghap Undongjang). 

How to get there?