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Interactive Cafe with Animals: A Gratifying Experience
Dec 17, 2018

One of the things that I love about Korea is their cafe culture. You can find coffee shops in almost every street in almost every city or town! and that’s not the only thing, the culture has reached such a level that the cafes now come with specific themes for diverse tastes. Since I’m an animal lover I decided to spend a few hours in an animal cafe to charge my energy with a little bit of the peace of nature. I had the best time of my life! better than visiting the zoo, seriously. Spending time with exotic animals is actually the dream of every animal lover.

I went to one of the most popular animal cafes in Cheonan! Aqua Park cafe, located close to Ssangyong subway station. A cafe where kids and adults can enjoy their time with the company of all kind of animals. You don’t need to pay an entry fee, just buy some drinks or food to consume. The prices go from 5.000 ~ 7.500 won (drinks and dessert), not too different from a normal coffee shop. When you get your order they add in the tray plastic tweezers and a cup filled with slices of carrot to feed the animals in the cafe. You have to be careful and follow the instructions of the workers because each species eat different food. If you’re visiting the cafe with your kids you must know that the entrance just allows kids from 24 months old. Please pay attention to your kids so neither animals or kids will get hurt!

How to get there: Ssangyong station (쌍용역), exit number 1. Walk down the street Chungmu-ro (충무로), then turn to the left and walk until the first intersection. Aqua Park cafe is on the second floor of the building.  

Address: 충청남도 천안시 서북구 충무로 155. T. (041-572-7779)

Open time: Weekday from 11:00 ~ 20:00 hrs. Weekend from 10:00 ~ 22:00 hrs. Every Monday is a day off.

The environment inside the cafe is very quiet, at least at the time we went (around 5 ~ 6 pm.) I’m pretty sure is busier on weekends and full of noise and joy. Once you get inside you’ll probably be hit by the smell of animals, however, isn’t as strong as you might think it’s totally bearable. The place, in general, looks pretty clean and that makes you feel even more comfortable. Some of the walls are made from aquariums with different species of fishes, all sizes, colors, and shapes. We seated in a big table with padded seats, which resulted to be the favorite place of “Cheese”, a white small dog. He was making us company all the time to wait to get a piece of our bread. He was very friendly and mischievous and so funny! He is the soul of the coffee shop, every time he listened to the door he ran right toward the front door to welcome new customers.

The employers are also super nice and kind, they will teach you how to interact and feed the animals one by one, they are very patient working with kids, as well. Feeding the animals was such a delightful experience, all the animals were so nice. It seems they are pretty used to be close to people, they aren’t particularly shy, indeed they feel pretty comfortable in human hands. The pork was kind of my favorite! He loved affections so much, every time I left him behind he started to call me, and once I did affections again he became quiet. The guinea pigs were making weird noise every time we were close, I suppose they were asking for food. But the most wonderful came later!

One of the boys working there brought us two kinds of lizards of medium sizes. In the beginning, I was kind of shock! they really look like small dinosaurs. The boy placed one of the lizards in my hands. I’m not like afraid of reptiles or anything but just touching the lizard’s skin was something I never felt before. Then I hold a small and beautiful corn snake. It was so fragile and so quiet! Later, the guy brought a kind of salamander (if I’m not wrong) which was very active, trying to slip from my fingers. My partner had also the chance to feed a cute parrot and then a very fluffy and adorable rodent. It really made me so happy to have the opportunity to touch and interact with these kinds of animals which I can’t do on a normal basis. All of them were so cute, in my point of view, I wish I can spend a few hours in that cafe, every day!

Aqua Park cafe is a good place to relax, to learn and to connect a little bit with nature. No doubt, it is the perfect place for kids and teenagers. And, of course, a paradise for animal lovers. Hurry up and make your plan to come to visit this animal cafe. If you are an animal lover like me you must visit this place! It’ll be an amazing experience!

How to get there?