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One Day Experience at Korea Fight Gym (코리아 파이트짐)
Jan 29, 2019

Head-height kicks, jumping kicks, spinning kicks, fast and turning kicks… No doubt! I have been talking about ‘taekwondo’ of course. The sport of inspiring kicks… That is a unique martial art characterized by its emphasis kicking techniques which do not only teach you how to be physically mighty but also balanced, speedy and fully concentrated. And long before, taekwondo has emerged in these lands. Luckily, this is correct time if you have been impressed of Asian action movies since childhood or always had an enthusiasm to become one of the kings of high kicks and looking for an indoor activity to do in the tough winter season. South Korea, the mother country of taekwondo, would like to embrace you with plenty of taekwondo centers and highly qualified martial arts masters.

Well, this is the curiosity! We have wondered if there are professional taekwondo academies available when it comes to Cheonan. The result did not disappoint us. Cheonan has many fitness centers, academies and gym centers where you can learn taekwondo. It does not matter how old you are. Because that is not difficult to find a martial arts center according to age range. Children groups, teenagers groups, adults groups… There is a correct option for everyone. We caught a chance to visit one of these sports centers (코리아 파이트짐 – Korea Fight Gym)  and have experience with Taekwondo while training.

We can say that was an unforgettable and very special day at Korea Fight Gym for us. There are many reasons those make it unparalleled. Firstly, to meet martial arts experts, secondly to get involved in training with them and more importantly to have their very kind company and hosting. Although we expected of the fighters be a little bit serious, cold-blooded and scary. Korea Fight Gym is in Chungcheongnam- do around Dongnam-gu. When you enter inside, the atmosphere suddenly gets nervous. With its punching bags, boxing gloves, ropes, prize ring, face-guards, and the other sports materials everything looks challenging. Apparently, the trainees sweat blood every day there.

At the martial arts, the golden keys are being patient, auto control, speed, breathing correctly and concentration, even though the people think physical force is the main power. Particularly not-well-thought-out sudden attempts may knockback to you as a lost. That is why the learners are supposed to figure out the importance of strategies before all. After learning techniques, the only point is to make perfect combinations of the motions, strategies. And our observation in the practice time was pretty fascinating during the trainer was teaching defense methods.

Korea Fight Gym trains the participants at several martial arts. But specifically, Jui-Jutsu and kickboxing are claimed more lately. Jui-Jutsu is a Japan originated sport. You could grasp the philosophy of this sport if you check the meaning of Jui- Jutsu. The thought behind this meaning of Jui is to be gentle, to give the way, to yield, to blend, to move out of harm’s way. “Jutsu” is the principle or “the action” part of Ju-Jutsu. In Japanese, this word means science or art. Japanese Jui-Jutsu systems are typically based more on throwing, pinning, and joint-locking techniques as compared with martial arts such as karate, which rely more on striking techniques.

And when it comes to talking about kickboxing, everyone has already known it well, thanks to Jean-Claude Van Damme. His legend movie, Kickboxer impressed all the generation at the time. Kickboxing is a subsequently developed sport, from karate mixed with boxing. It is based on kicking and punching. Kickboxing is practiced for self-defense, general fitness, or as a contact sport.

Overall, we got a great time at Korea Fight Gym. It was a unique experience which cannot be reachable every time. For the interested people:

ADDRESS: 14 Shinbu 7- gil, Shinan-dong, Dongnam-gu,
Cheonan- South Korea

CONTACT: 903-0316

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