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Korean calligraphy classes for foreigners in Cheonan
Oct 26, 2019

Have you been living in Cheonan for a long time and have not yet had the opportunity to experience and learn a little more about Korean culture and its various activities that it has to offer ?, If the answer is no, this is your chance

Since a few months ago, Korean calligraphy classes are given totally free in the Cheonan Multicultural Family Support Center for foreigners who are married or have a formal relationship with Korean citizens.

One of the first activities promoted by the support center was Korean language teaching, however, due to the interest shown by more foreigners in learning about other interesting and fun topics related to Korean culture, they opened calligraphy classes for attracting even more interest from all those who already know or speak Korean but wish to express their feelings, ideas, as well as art through each calligraphy work.


Classes are held every Monday from 10 am until 12 pm and currently have mainly students from countries such us Vietnam, Sweden, China among others. In a brief but informative interview with the teacher in charge of the class, she explained that the classes are didactic, entertaining and helpful for each of the students in demonstrating their talent in writing. She also added that each finished calligraphy work is used as a gift option for their families and friends as well as a decoration for their homes.


Among the requirements to be part of the class is to have a basic or intermediate level of Korean to understand the classes, time availability, interest in Korean writing as well as calligraphy.

If you have a friend or acquaintance that meets the aforementioned requirements, invite or encourage them to be part of this fun activity and thus begin to experience Korean culture.

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