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Korean Delivery Notifications Decoded: A Quick Comparison
Sep 20, 2020

CJ Logistics, Hanjin Express and Lotte Global Logistics. These are probably the top three delivery companies in Korea at the moment in terms of business-to-business (B2B) market. These are also some of the most common ones that you will see on the road or parked in your neighborhood for business-to-customers (B2C) market.  Let’s find out more about these delivery companies. And as a bonus, we will also include a little bit about Korean postal service company, Korea Post. Let’s look at how they compare in terms of their delivery notifications and user experience from a receiver’s end.

Korean local delivery system is probably one of the most popular advantages while living here. Whether it is for food or goods, we can’t just imagine how it was like before, right? It goes hand in hand with the online shopping system that we tend to use more specially with the COVID19 in our midst. 

Most goods that we order online are delivered to our doorstep through these delivery companies. While some sites have their in-house delivery system (Coupang, Emart, Homeplus, etc.), majority of online sellers use a third-party delivery company. These will most likely be one of the three mentioned above or Korea Post. Sometimes, Logen logistics also shows up as it is the fourth player on the list of B2B delivery companies. But there might be some ownership changes based on current news so we don’t know how it will play out in the logistics field later on. 

1. CJ Logistics

We will cover the first three on this post starting with CJ Logistics. Why? Because this was the first one that managed to drop my ordered goods at our doorstep. I’ve somehow arranged to have all my expected deliveries arrive in one day. It is also when there will be possible online classes going-on at home so I anticipated disruptions with the constant doorbell rings. With that in mind, I taped a note by the door about the situation and to just leave the parcel by the door. This is even if I already indicated that same information when I made the order online in the first place. Some delivery guys still ring the bell and wait outside the door. 

I saw the notification in the morning with a sent timestamp at sometime around midnight. It was short but it included the tracking number, and the expected delivery time within that day with a two-hour delivery window. 

When it arrived, I again received a message that the box is already by the door. This is important to know especially if the parcel is perishable.

2. Lotte Global Logistics 딩동 ♬

If you receive a notification with these characters and symbols on the first line, that’s gonna be from Lotte Global Logistics. The initial notification was sent in the morning, sometime before lunch. It starts with the note about non-contact delivery because of COVID 19 or Corona. It is a very detailed one including details like sender, item, tracking number, delivery guy’s name and number. It also has information on customer center hotline (1588-2121) and how to contact their chatbot LODA. There was no specific time or delivery time window mentioned at all though. 

It did arrive sometime in the afternoon with the delivery guy ringing the bell and leaving the box by the door so all is good since this particular box is non-perishable. 

3. Hanjin Express 

The third and last delivery to arrive is through Hanjin Express. This came around dinner after one notification that I got some time before lunch. The notification is almost like Lotte that starts something about a non-contact delivery because of Coronavirus. It continues with delivery details including sender, item, receiver, tracking number, delivery guy’s name and number. It also has the two-hour window delivery information which in this particular transaction indicated to be between 9-11 PM. It arrived earlier though, before 9PM. 

4. Korea Post 

We now move to the last, but definitely not the least, Korea Post. This has ranked top in terms of consumer’s satisfaction considering other factors in delivery. If you are a interested to shop for imported goods, this is the usual mode for orders via Coupang’s Rocket World. 

As for incoming international parcels delivered by the Post Office that goes through customs, they would usually ask for a customs number though a message link as well. It used to be a special customs PIN but ARC or passport number should usually work now.

It usually sends the initial notification in the morning with a very simple and short format.

“There will be a delivery today via Korea Post, with tracking number # (13 digits.)”

They also send out post-delivery notifications via SMS though. The more detailed information is sent through the Kakao chat. There is a link for options on where they should leave the parcel. You can only choose once with this system so please keep that in mind. 

Here is a simple table for easy comparison.

To sum it all up, all four have pretty good notification systems even if all are in Korean. Standard mode is through text but almost each would either have it’s own app or use Kakao Talk. It might take a little bit of guesswork (and translations) if you are not familiar with the language but they do have generally the same information. There are just some details that might be handy to know if receiving specific items. We hope that this post will help you get your needs while staying home. But if you want to know about sending packages, you may also check this link. Please stay safe and healthy!