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Leisure in Ligak Museum
Oct 28, 2019

As mentioned in a previous post, Ligak Museum is a museum that honors the Korean sculptor, Lee Jong Gak works. Lee Jong Gak is, to date, just as passionate about sculptures but has opened the museum to also include modern art. He is a strong supporter of young upcoming artists in general and is known for his generous contributions to the Korean art society.

However, more than its amazing sculptures, the nature around the museum is a thing of wonder. To the front, the museum looks upon the Taejosan Mountain. It’s been said that Taejosan Mountain gained its name because King Taejo, the founder of Goryeo, maintained a military base in the area west to this mountain. It contains Yuryangcheon and Sanbangcheon streams and provides a full view of the city at its peak. It has been receiving a growing number of hikers and mountaineers, and it is especially popular among female hikers because of its gentle terrains. It is also the home of the bronze seated Buddha in Gaewongsa Temple, popular among tourists.
To the back, there is a healing walk path filled with trees and scattered sculpture pieces, blending nature and art.

Also located in the museum is the Cafe M.
Personally, this is the reason I come to the museum. Cafe M is separated from the museum. Thus, visitors can use the cafe facilities regardless of visiting the museum.

The cafe offers a range of desserts and drinks that suit every occasion. (My personal favorite is the carrot cake and sangria). There is just something about sipping your sangria as you watch the sunset on the mountain peaks that is just so relaxing.

The cafe also provides seats extending to the back so parties can rent out the back for meetings and events. For events, they cater, provide projectors and many more to suit every occasion. Offering a variety of event spaces for corporate and individual Members to entertain in the setting of a cutting-edge contemporary art museum. However, it looks like the museum is used for more intimate occasions with the ability to cater for cocktail receptions up to 100 people, or seated dinners for up to 50.
For more information, visit or call them to inquire about these services.

Address : 245, Taejosan-gil, Dongnam-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, 31068

Phone : +82 41-565-3463 / +82 70-4111-3463