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Level 2 of Social Distancing in Cheonan (as of September)
Sep 20, 2020

Social distancing level 2 has been extended from September 28 – October 11. 

This is in connection to the much-expected Chuseok holiday this year. Even if the number of cases has been relatively manageable after the outbreak last Gwangbeokjeol holiday in August, a bigger one might just be right around the corner along with this 5-day holiday. 

So far, the number of cases in the city has shown better numbers compared with the first time back in March. Back then, there was a great deal of “unknown factors” as to what is happening and what should be done. After the outbreak that started again around mid-August, the whole country, including Cheonan City, has put social distancing levels higher. 

How has the level of distancing changed this time?  

  1. Number of people gathering (50 people indoors, 100 people outdoors)

  2. Mandatory additional quarantine measures for some high-risk facilities like clubs, academy with more than 300 people, wedding hall, funeral hall, cinema, public bathhouse, churches etc.

  3. Restriction on the number of users of indoor national public facilities.

  4. No audience allowed for sports events.

  5. Reduced the number of students in school at one time and holding remote classes instead

Latest numbers

Based from the Cheonan government’s website, cases has now reached 229. The number of locally recorded cases from September 5 to 18 has somewhat peaked on the 12th (Saturday) with 6 patients. It has slowly started to decrease these last few days so we do hope that it will continually do so.

The latest locations had been scattered around Seobuk-gu and Dongnam-gu (Seonggeo-eup, Jiksan-eup, Shindang-dong, Daga-dong.) Everyday places like laundromat, grocery, restaurant, cafes, car service center, hair salon had seen cases this month. The local authorities are doing contact tracing but there will be times that they need to put out notices on the government website to find other people who had been in the said location. 

One of the current notices is for people who visited a couple of home remodeling companies in Ssangyong-dong and Seongjeong-dong area. We sure had received emergency notifications on our phones that has kept us a bit updated on this. The general information about which area is given but some details needed to be checked online if it’s in our area. 

Current notices: 

Related to Cheonan #223 and #221



에어잰큐 (with a sign board ROJNS 라온제나 in Seongjeong-dong)

between the dates Sept. 15-17

에어잰큐 (in Ssangyong-dong)

between the dates Sept. 1-15

Testing Centers are located at

1.  Seobuk-gu Health Center 

Seobuk-gu Beonmyeong-ro 156 (Buldang-dong) (Below the stairs of Beongso Hall)

2. Dongnam-gu Health Center 

Dongnam-gu Beodul-ro 34

Call (041) 521-5671 to 2 or 521-2055 to 8.

Please come with a mask on and do NOT use public transportation.

Fortunately, there are still a limited number of foreigners showing up on the list of cases so we hope to keep it that way. Sure, we can still enjoy what our adoptive country has to offer but with limits. We can still enjoy a cup of coffee from a cafe while maintaining social distance. How? There are a lot of cafes around the outskirts of Cheonan that are just waiting to be explored. 

Let’s keep in mind to try to strictly follow the mandatory rules even if we see that other people don’t. That is the least that we can do if we do plan to go outdoors. As always, please choose to be healthy.