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Live to 100!
May 28, 2020

Three simple things that we can keep in mind to reach that age and still be kicking ass!

Statistics have shown that humans, in general, tend to live longer through generations.

The average human life expectancy has gradually risen and Korea is not an exemption. The Korean life expectancy back in the 1950’s was at 35.37 which is understandably so since there was the active Korean war between 1950-1953. This has dramatically increased to 62.3 years around 1970 and continued to do so up to the present. Roughly 50 years later, it is now at 82.92 years old (pre-COVID data.)

The country’s general economic progress, along with improved health services and living conditions, are possible factors for this trend. People nowadays can easily aim to live up to 100 years by just trying to keep a few things in mind: live a physically active life, have a sound mind and a healthy diet. 

1. Live a physically active life – Walk, run, do stretches, attend fitness classes or hit the gym. If you can read Korean and walk around a residential area, you cannot help but notice that there’s bound to be a “fitness center.” It could be a martial arts center or regular indoor gym or maybe an outdoor/indoor one just like this one right here in Cheonan. There are also various sporting clothes and goods stores where you can get your sports supplies. Koreans love the idea of getting active as you can see everyone flock the parks and mountains especially on weekends and holidays.


2. Focus on the positive to have a sound mind – This just doesn’t include the state of the mind but the social aspect of life: family, friends, religious organizations, hobby clubs. Enriching one’s life with quality social connections. It will help us have a healthy mental state that also will definitely make us want to live longer. Meditations, self-reflections, and living a mindful life are pretty accessible while living in Korea. There are a lot of churches, temples, and recreational facilities that we explore. Even a simple hike or stroll through an old temple or one of Korea’s countless historical places can be refreshing for our minds.

3. Maintain a Healthy Diet – There are a lot of different foods to choose from but being mindful about our food choices is a better step towards hitting that 100 years-old birthday. (beksal) Nowadays, a lot of people, old and young, are keen on diet foods. It has been the trend these past few years and more recently maybe partly because of COVID19.

Meet Mr. Lee, the man behind Leeam Foods who aims to live to 100 years old. This family-run food company seeks to provide baked goods that can help us reach the hashtag #백살까지살자 or “let’s live to 100.” They initially started as a burger cafe but have shifted to making sourdough breads. Their line of products also include protein breads, nut butters, and snacks. You can enjoy desserts like tarts, scones and crackers with less guilt. What makes them different is that they hardly use butter, milk and sugar, if any at all. This is not the kind that you will usually find at any franchised or neighborhood bakery.

Most of their customers find them online through their Naver Store or Instagram account. They regularly post their latest products and suggested recipes in their IG account (or 인스타/insta, as Koreans would locally call it.) You can choose and order from there. It will be delivered right at your doorstep, vacuum sealed inside a box.

Leeam Foods is located just around 10 minutes on foot from the Cheonan Express Bus Terminal. It is on the second floor, right above Serona pharmacy (새로나약국), across from Alpha stationery store.

천안시 동남구 충절로 29, 2층

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