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Love sports? Love Volleyball? Cheonan will show how Skywalkers do it.
Dec 18, 2018

If  you love sports, enjoy volleyball and want to experience a happy and lively crowd, there is a place for it also in Cheonan represented by Hyundai Capital Skywalkers!


Almost Koreans love watching and playing football/soccer. Moreover, Koreans also give importance to other sports like baseball, basketball, and volleyball. South Korea has this professional volleyball league called V-league consisting of 7 teams for men division and 6 teams for women division. One of the teams for men division called Skywalkers are from Cheonan so some of the games in this V-league are held in Cheonan Gymnasium (YuGwanSun Gymnasium 유관순체육관).

The YuGwanSun Gymnasium is a very nice place that you can’t help but take pictures on the main stairs leading inside the gymnasium. There is a special booth outside where you can buy Skywalkers merchandise like shirts, volleyball, keychains, figurine, caps, etc. There is also a small beautifully made booth, globe-inspired, where you can play volleyball inside.

Last November 16, 2018,  we watched a game between the two leading teams in this league, Hyundai Capital (현대캐피탈) and Korean Air (대한항공) in Cheonan Gymnasium. It was a Friday night at 7:00 pm. During the ticket selling through the internet the seats were almost sold out on the lower box, so we have no choice but to buy the ones on the upper box. There were also seats called “Family zone” reserved for the family members of the players, “Friend Zone” for the friends of the players, “Press Zone” for the media, “Yogibo zone” where you can comfortably watch and sit with a big pillow at your back, and “Jump-Up Zone and Exciting Zone” where people who actively cheer throughout the game led by the cheerleaders are seated.

On the day of the game, the gymnasium was almost full, so our seats were almost on the most back side. The view was still good, and the ambiance of the crowd was so lively making us enjoy it more rather than complaining about how far we are from the cute players!  Almost all the audience were so cooperative in cheering for Skywalkers singing and dancing the cheer chants!

The game went up to 4th set, 3-1, won by Korean Air. Only the 1st set was won by the Skywalkers and 2nd to 4th set were taken by Korean Air. Skywalkers lost but still we enjoyed a lot watching the game since they fought so well and they prove how they deseve to be on the top leading team of the V-league. The cheerleaders are all so beautiful and they dance so gracefully showing their full support to the team!


How to get to (YuGwanSun Gymnasium 유관순체육관):

  1. From Dujeon Station

  2. From Cheonan Station

  3. From Bus Terminal

Where to buy and get tickets:

Ticketing – https://www.kovo.co.kr/game/16000_ticketing.asp

Skywalker website – https://www.skywalkers.co.kr/

How to get there?