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LP Bar: A Time Travel through Music
Feb 27, 2019

After watching “Bohemian Rhapsody” film in Korean cinema I had this uncontrollable feeling of listening old classic rock, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only foreign that has ever felt that way here in Korea. But where in Cheonan could we chill and listen to old music? Well, luckily my friends and I found this super cool LP bar full of vinyl disks, Korean and international disks. If you’re a Rock lover, you must visit this place at least once… and prepare yourself to enjoy your favorite hits in an old style.

Rolling Stones is an LP (long play disk) bar run by a vinyl collector who dedicated 30 years of his life to get a broad spectrum of music disks. Bands of Jazz, Blues, Classic Rock or Rock and Roll and in diverse languages like Korean, English, Spanish, French or Italian. Once you enter the bar you really feel like you just traveled in time. The walls are decorated with some vinyl covers, posters of famous rock bands and even old Korean propaganda. The atmosphere is really nice, you get totally wrapped in the past fashion, old disks of vinyl keep playing in the background and while drinking a beer you have the feeling you’re being part of some different era.

While enjoying our time in the bar, listening to old Throat Korean songs, we decided to play some Queen’s famous tracks. Luckily for us, Rolling Stones’ owner played music as we requested and we got to spend the time listening Guns ‘n’ Roses, Elvis Presley, Jose Luis Perales, Metallica, etc. I know you might think “well, I can listen to all of them in my phone or whatever…” however, isn’t it nice hang out with some friends at a bar that doesn’t have just K-pop in the background? and where actually you can choose what to listen to? doesn’t it feel good to change environment once in a while for something more classic? You really need to give it a try to this place you won’t regret!

The owner, just like a DJ, searches among the huge quantity of disk for the one you requested, carefully removed from his original cover and with style and professionalism placed it in the antique disk player. The needle touches softly the disk and the music start to play, for those who were born before after 1980 I assure it’ll be such an enriching experience! While for those older, it’ll feel melancholy gratifying! Since the owner can’t speak English we had to show him the songs we wanted by writing them in our phones, but he’s really nice letting you listen to whatever you want (as long as he has it).

However, I might advise you… in Korean culture and mostly the new generation isn’t familiarized with old music either with foreign music. The bar is usually visited by old people or just foreigners and since the customers aren’t much the beverage are reduced to just beers. Good thing that there aren’t just Korean beer but also some international ones. So if you’re expecting to have some good drinks there… well, that’s not that possible. Anyway, I think the place worth the sacrifice.

How to go there?

The address is 충청남도 천안시 동남구 성황동 50-11  (Seonghwangdong 50-11). It’s actually pretty close to Cheonan train station, like 20 minutes by walk toward downtown.


Working time?

It’s open every day until 12 a.m.


What about the prices?

There isn’t an entry fee, so you just need to buy some drinks (beers) and that’s about the average price.

How to get there?