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How to Maintain Your Health and Fitness Routine While in Cheonan.
Jun 25, 2018

If you are like me, one of my biggest concerns before moving abroad was finding a gym/somewhere to keep up my fitness routine. I knew that keeping up my routine would make my transition to a foreign place a lot easier. I tried researching places from the States but didn’t have any luck. Everything I searched ended up being in Seoul. I was pretty nervous that living in Cheonan would prevent me from being able to keep up my routine. However, once I arrived I found that was not true. In this post, I will list out some gyms, fitness clubs, and even healthy eating to help ensure that you stay up on your fitness routine.


  1. Hulk’s Boxing Gym: Address: 169-3 Bunji, 3rd floor, Moonhwa-Dong (by Cheonan Station). It is very foreigner friendly and worth a look. It is primarily designed for boxing and MMA work but they also had some general fitness equipment. As far as cardio equipment, there are only 4 treadmills. The price is only 40,000 won per month. (which is only offered to foreigners who sign up.) This is a great price seeing how most of the larger gyms around Cheonan were at least 100,000+ won a month. Phone number: 010-8796-9901.

  2. Body Up Fitness: Address: 신부동 (터미널 인근, 삼성생명 근처) 489-1 임페리움 오페스텔 2층 (by Shinsegae mall). This gym is amazing. The price is 70,000 won for 1 month, 150,000 for 3 months (50,000 won per month), and even less if you sign up for a longer contract. This gym is a nice size and they have a variety of equipment suitable for all fitness levels. There are at least 10 treadmills and 2 stationary bikes. This gym is also home to a spinning club/class. The spinning classes are offered nightly at 7, 8, and 9 pm. The drop in fee for the class is $10. You can also drop in to use the gym for a daily fee of $8. You are assigned a locker when you come in and there are also showers available. Phone number: 010-564-0330.

  3. Korea Nazarene University Fitness Center: Address: This fitness center 
    is located on the actual campus of the University. You have to be affiliated with the school in some way. (Student, teacher, faculty, or even someone employed outside of the campus but through the University.) The pricing is $10 per month for non-students.

**This is not an exhaustive list of the gyms in Cheonan. These are some of the more popular gyms with foreigners in the area. These are some of the ones who’s pricing is comparable to those back in our respective countries. **

Fitness Clubs and Groups

If going to a gym isn’t really your thing, there are still some options available to help you stay in shape.

  1. Cheonan Marathon Club: This is a running club in Cheonan. They meet to train on Sunday mornings at 7 am. The club participates in local races very often. There is a $60 yearly fee to join. You can contact: Rosa Evora via Facebook to join.

  2. Cheonan Outdoor Activities: This is a group put together by other foreigners in the area. It’s not as active as it used to be but it’s worth a try. This group typically does hikes around Cheonan on the weekends. (Depending if someone is available to lead). You can join the group for free. https://www.facebook.com/groups/734300556614512/


Recovery after a workout can be just as important as the workout itself. Korea is famous for its bathhouse and Cheonan is home to several. Bathhouses typically are separated by gender for privacy reasons. You are required to fully disrobe upon entry. The bathhouses typically consist of different temperature controlled pools/baths that guests can use to soak in. There are usually a few saunas that are set at different temperatures as well. Once you pay the entrance fee (usually 5,000-7,000 won) you are given two small towels and a locker key. I suggest bringing a small bag with a larger towel for drying, toiletries needed to shower, and maybe even a pair of shower shoes. You are required to shower before entering the pools, although it is not checked often if you do or not. You can opt for a full body massage/scrub for an additional fee. You can find the bathhouse almost anywhere. Just look for signs that say 사우나. (sauna) They are usually in or near the same building as most gyms.

Healthy Eating
True fitness enthusiasts know that you can’t outwork a bad diet. To help keep you on track, Cheonan has a few healthy eating options. There are also online companies that will ship to you as well.

  1. Juicy: I wrote about this smoothie shop chain in my post about Yawoori. This chain offers a wide variety of fruit and veggie smoothies for a very reasonable price. They are located all over Cheonan and can be spotted by it’s red and yellow signage. My favorite 
    smoothies are the avocado banana and the strawberry banana. (Tip: ask for 50% less or no sugar so you don’t totally ruin your progress)

  2. Again Refresh Address: 천안시 신부동 459-11 (신세계백화점 건너편 도 보5분거리) This is a new salad shop located in the alleyways across from Shinsegae department store. The menu consists of freshly made salads, sandwiches, and smoothie bowls. They are opened daily (except Sunday) from 11:30 am-9:30 pm with the last order at 8:30 pm. Phone number: 041-523-0013.

  3. Smoothie King: Yes, this is the same chain from the states. There are a few located around Cheonan as well. There is one in Shinsegae department store (Yawoori) located on the same floor as the food court. There is also one located in the Ssangyong E-Mart in its food court. The smoothie prices range from 4,000 won for small sizes up to 7,000 won for larger sizes. They don’t have everything that is on the menus in the States but they have about 80% of the same smoothies.

  4. iHerb.com: A website for all of your healthy food and supplements. This is my go-to when I can’t find things in person. It is a website that delivers for little to nothing to Cheonan (and all over Korea). Pricing is pretty comparable to those in the States and the delivery turn around is only a few days.

As you can see, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be done in Cheonan. I hope this post has been helpful, whatever your goals may be. Please feel free to share any additional health clubs or options in the comment section.

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