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Kids Cafes have quickly become a family favorite for us since we moved to Korea. Last month, I wrote about a great dinosaur-themed restaurant in Cheonan called Triassic Restaurant, and right next door to the restaurant there is a kids cafe called Naughty Child. Visiting the cafe either before or after a meal at Triassic Restaurant is a fun way to round out your day in this part of the city.

Loads of activities and play options

The Kids Cafe here is the perfect size – big enough that there’s a wide range of activities your children can enjoy, but not so big that it’s difficult to keep an eye on them. As is the case with other kids cafes, be sure to bring socks! If you don’t bring a pair, they do have pairs available to purchase for 1500 won.

The play options here cater to a fairly wide range of children. There’s a section for babies and crawlers, all the way up to go-karts and a roller slide for the bigger kids. You’ll also find a giant ball pit, an area to play “house” with kitchens, pots, pans, and toy food, trampolines, slides, blocks, and more.

The favorites for our children are definitely the go-karts and the roller slide. It’s worth noting that for the go-karts, if your child is under 120 cm, an adult will need to ride with them. It was easy enough for my husband and I to hop on and ride along with our children, and we saw plenty of other parents in the same boat!

You can see a little video of the roller slide area below. The kids get to sit in an inflatable “donut” type of seat. There is a staff member on hand to assist the kids with getting into the donuts and giving them a little push to get them moving!

Here are some more photos to give you an idea of how the Kids Cafe here is set up.

The "Cafe" Portion of the Kids Cafe

The cafe space at Naughty Child is very spacious, with plenty of tables and seating. We have visited the cafe twice now, both on weekends, and we have never struggled to find a place to sit.

We only ate snack-type foods here since we didn’t plan on getting a full meal here. They have a bunch of different options but we just stuck with the fries and got the kids some juices. If you’re looking for somewhere to eat nearby, the Triassic Restaurant is right next door, and it’s a very family-friendly and unique eating experience. We were actually given a discount voucher after visiting Triassic Restaurant to use at Naughty Child, so if you want to save some money on the Kids Cafe admission, perhaps grab your lunch first.

Conveniently there are also plenty of high chairs if you’re visiting with children who will need those. There’s also a dedicated breastfeeding room for a quiet place to nurse your little one if required.

Maps, Pricing, and Access Information

Google Maps Information for Naughty Child Kids Cafe can be found below. Free undercover parking is available at the venue.

The cafe is open daily from 10:30 am until 8:30 pm. Do note that they are closed on the first Monday of March, June, September, and December if you plan on visiting.

Pricing is 20,000 won per child for 2 hours, and 8,000 won per accompanying adult. We thought it was worth it for the things there were to do here!

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