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The Newly-Constructed Cheonan-Asan Library
May 14, 2019

It’s finally the weekend. The week has been brutal. Crushing that 9-5 doesn’t come without the expel of energy and lots of it. We’re dedicated to our job and the pursuit of excellence. That requires constant focus, dedication, and perseverance and that requires energy. Once the weekend hits, you want to kick back, relax, and call it a day.

Somewhere between total lazy-relaxation and overdriven-productivity lies activities of an ideal weekend, at least in my humble opinion. To me, after a crushing week putting out fires and saving the world, I want my weekends to myself. I love waking up early Saturday morning and pouring a fresh cup of coffee while snuggling into the newest Vogue or hottest read. To me, that’s relaxed-productivity and the most ideal way to begin 48+ hours of uninterrupted me time. That is until I grow restless. It has something to do with a wild thing not wanting to be caged in too long. When this happens, there are many options to alleviate this stillness, one of which just happens to be a visit to Choenan’s newly-minted library, the Cheonan-Asan Sangsaeng Hyeoblyeok Center Library (천안아산 상생협력센터도서관).

Situated near the Buldang Cheon (불당천), which is the small river that winds itself through the heart of downtown Buldang, the Cheonan-Asan library is in an ideal location. It’s easily accessible from the yellow bridge near the Asan subway/Cheonan-Asan KTX/SRT stations, and is just a roughly 15-minute walk from MODA and Galleria department stores.

Given its prime location and the need to satisfy that nagging urge to “do something” more than just sit around on a weekend, I’ve laid out all the important information needed to make your trip successful and easy to navigate.

Transportation, Hours, & Location


Bus #1 | stop: Fashion Square 1

Bus #19, 90, 990 | stop: Lake Park

Bus #21 | stop: Asan Station

Bus #900, 901, 910, 911, 920,

930, 931 | stop: Cheonan-Asan Station


Mondays/Public Holidays: closed

Tuesday-Friday: 9:00 AM-8:00 PM

Saturday-Sunday: 9:00 AM-6:00 PM

Creating a Library Card

Creating a library card is not overly complicated but there are several steps involved, which are as follows:

Step 1: to the left of the sliding glass doors are three computers. Locate them and once you’re facing their screens, select either the middle or right computer. The left computer is used for researching books within the library, so you cannot create a library card on it.

Step 2: on the home screen, click the crown icon (회원가입) at the top right corner.

Step 3: on the next screen, select the left blue box (일반회원가입).

Step 4: on the next screen, check the circles at the bottom of each word box and then select the little blue rectangle box at the bottom (약관동의하기). As might be obvious, you’re just agreeing to terms with these step.

Step 5: on the next screen, select the green rounded-rectangle (휴대폰본인확인) at the bottom of the right box.

Step 6: on the next screen, select your phone provider.

Step 7: a window will pop up. In this window, you have two options to receive a verification code; choose the right option (휴대폰본인확인). Then, input your name (이름),  status – which will be “외국인” in this case, birthday (생년월일), gender (남 = man, 여 = woman), phone number (휴대폰번호), and the characters in the code box. Once you’ve inputted this information, hit the black/gray button at the bottom (확인).

Step 8: a verification code will then be sent to your phone. Input that code into the box provided and hit submit.

Step 9: on the next screen, you’ll see several boxes with red circles to their left. Input the required information into those boxes and hit the button at the bottom. The required information includes [1] an ID (아이디); [2] a password (비밀번호), which you need to retype in the box directly below it (비밀번호 확인); [3] your name (이름); [4] your birthday (생년월일); [5] your phone number (휴대폰) and; [6] your address (주소).

Step 10: once you hit submit, your information is sent to the front desk, which are the counters directly to the right of the sliding glass doors. Proceed to that location and give them your ARC card. They’ll pull your information and print your card!

*One thing to note: if you have a long name, your card only allots about 10-12 character spaces, so don’t expect to see your full name on the card if it exceeds that amount.*

Checking-out & Returning Books

*up to 10 books per person may be checked-out

**each checkout period is for 14-days

***materials such as reference books and non-books (DVDS, etc.) cannot be checked-out

****you may request a 1-time extension for each checkout session (i.e. when the 14-day allotment is not enough time)


  • Select the book(s) you wish you check out

  • Visit the green kiosk near the English book section

  • Place your books on the tray

  • Select the “American flag” button on the bottom left, which will change the dialogue to English

  • Follow the steps (make sure to have your library ID and password ready)

  • Print the receipt and collect your books from the tray


  • Visit the green kiosk near the English book section

  • Place your books on the tray

  • Select the “American flag” button on the bottom left, which will change the dialogue to English

  • Follow the steps (make sure to have your library ID and password ready)

  • Print a receipt and collect your books from the tray

  • Place your returned books in the book carts to your immediate right

How to get there?