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Is wearing mask a new fashion norm? Will you choose to wear it or not? Let’s check out some info if wearing a mask should be part of your look or not. 





The spread of Covid-19 virus, which made it to a pandemic level, has made people wear their mask whenever they go outdoors. These days, public places and riding public transporation made people wearing a mask a compulsory. It is the New Normal as the netizens said.


Photos by: Chelle Lee, Princess Benito Seo, Hannah Dorothy Padilla, Benjie Alfaro, Lannie Yun





But come to think of it, we have the yellow dust or even fine dust that we need to protect ourselves of too. The air quality seemed to be worse from late Autumn until Spring in South Korea which includes the city where we live, Cheonan!


We have in example the Summary of Air Quality Index of Cheonan from mid 2015-present where I based that conclusion which is shown below.



You can check the air quality in South Korea in real-time ———> South Korea Air Quality Index Visual Map

While this one redirects you to ———> Cheonan’s Real-time Air Quality Index



You can explore the site to get to know the Air Quality Index in other areas of the world too! There is a search bar on the upper right corner for your convenience. While this is the HOME, the main website.


Main Website





What do those colors depict? Which is polluted? What color means i have to wear a mask?

This picture tells you more about that, even the precaution needed.

Air Quality Levels




Below are sample photos of places with different Air Quality levels





If you missed the Weather Forecast in the News about the Air quality in your area, you can check Naver or simply click the recommended site above.



Check this out once more to help you find a mask at ease!^^