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Nostalgia in the Closing Ceremony and the Experiences Reminded
Sep 19, 2018

Hello, this is Choenan social reporter, Nicole.

These last days, we had the opportunity to enjoy the most amazing and unforgettable experience during Cheonan World Dance Festival 2018, but unfortunately for us the festival has reached its last day. During these five days, the festival offered us every kind of entertainment such as the chance to try international, national and traditional food, the chance to participate in interesting activities and games, the chance to enjoy all kind of music concerts, the chance to witness several competitions and have lots lots of fun! Undoubtedly, the main menu of the schedule was the International and National Dance competition which had its final stage today with the best performances and a spectacular award ceremony.

This last day the main stage of the festival (Heungtaryeong Concert Hall) was place for reuniting many different cultures from all over the world, several international teams were representing the beauty of their countries through the dance. The International Dance competition was without a doubt the most amazing and expected event of the whole festival, and of course, every performance is full of dedication, glamour, professionalism and love from each one of the participants. Every performance give you a tasteful pinch of the countries they are representing; their energetic dance movements, their colorful and sometimes outstanding customs and their joyfulness during the presentation is like having a cultural tour around the globe. This competition was really amazing!

The World Dance competition which started with 17 teams, by the last day of the festival only had 9 international teams competing in the final. On 16th, the teams had the last chance to show the best of their performances with the final purpose to be back in their countries as the winners of the Grand Prize. The first country in competition performing in the stage was Poland. Beautiful and colorful dresses were fluttering all around the stage, dancing in couples the participants were spinning and smiling to each other. Botswana with its decorated half-naked bodies were shaking the stage with very energetic movements and a thunderous music. Latvia filled the entire environment with delicacy and elegance through an emotive and mysterious performance, girls wearing flowers in their heads gave the feeling of royalty. Guam displayed a strong performance full of testosterone, boys performing some “ready to hunt” dance were undoubtedly the main dish. Brazil brought a kind of carnaval into the stage, starting with a smooth performance of the boys and concluding with the colorful girls customs shaking around with fast dance steps. Spain caught all the attention through the vibrant noise of their castanets and the beautiful dance movements by couples. Malaysia performed a dance full of traditions where boys and girls worked as team. Mexico brought into the stage all the mysteries of the “day of the dead”, the customs and dance movement were as a some spiritual ceremony. Georgia with a surprising active performance where their participants were literally spinning and jumping all over the place. Last, but not least important, South Africa with insatiable energy demonstrating how should be having fun in the stage as they were in a party.

After the International competition, the National competition was held as well. What initially were 32 Korean teams divided in different categories ended up with just 6 teams performing their uniques styles in the final, the task of choosing a big winner seemed very tough for the jury. Taekwondo, street dance, Latin dance, zumba, Kpop, drums and even traditional dance, all those different categories performed by groups of different ages had something that made them deserving to be in the final stage of the competition. Each performance was one hundred percent enjoyable. Certainly this competition was one of the best dance event I had ever witnessed in whole Korea.

The closing ceremony started with the National competition awards leaving as the great winner the team of street dance ZN Crew. Surely this performance got all the audience hypnotized! On the other hand, the International competition awards were  “Best custom” for Mexico, “Special prize” for China and Slovakia, “Encouragement prize” for Latvia, Botswana and Poland, “Third prize” for Guam, Brazil and Malaysia, “Second prize” for Spain and Mexico, “First prize” for Georgia and the “Grand prize” went for South Africa. After the Award Ceremony a multicultural party started, where everyone as much in the stage as in the audience, all people were dancing the same choreography. Just like it says, dance can unite the hearts all over the world!

By night all the people were gather around the main stages enjoying the last minutes of the festival. While the fireworks were dancing in the sky, each colorful explosion resembled the beat of our hearts, this Cheonan World Dance festival 2018 has been an unforgettable experience. We made lots of memories, we learned a lot about the world, we experience different cultures and of course we got amused with the beauty of our differences. Without a doubt this Dance festival is one of the best in Korea and one of the best in Cheonan. Now with a feeling of nostalgia we left our seats with a smile in our faces and the experiences reminded, waiting impatiently for the next year to come with a new and even more amazing Dance festival.

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