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Oh-Rock Night Market
Dec 19, 2017

People who visit Korea for the first time could be amazed by how thriving Korean nightlife is. It is not going to be too hard for you to find even 24/7 bars downtown. But if you feel like you’ve already got used to the typical Korean nightlife and feel bored, let’s try something else. Be more local! Just take any bus that goes to Cheonan station, and only a 3 minute walk away, there is Oh-Rock Night Market. It is a brand-new night market which opened on October 2017. This market features 18 vendors selling variety of cuisine. The average price is 5,000 won (a little less than 5 dollars), but they only take cash. It opens from Wednesday to Saturday (4 times a week) and from 7 in the evening to 12 in the morning. The vendors don’t sell alcohol, but don’t be disappointed. There are a few small delis between vendors where you can get what you want. You can enjoy your food and drink while walking or sitting at a table between vendors. There is also street performance almost every weekend by local buskers. Oh, after having a great time at the night market, it is another great idea to try Heungheung Shopping Mall, which is a special shopping mall filled with younger generation shop owners. It is only within 5 minute walk away from the market.


Address : 9, Gongseolsijang 1-gil, Dongnam-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do

TEL : 041-522-9954

Bus : 24, 100, 201, 400, 800,

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