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Are you visiting or living in Cheonan and looking for a truly unique dining experience? Perhaps you have children, and you’d really love to find a place that could keep them entertained for the duration of a meal. Look no further: the Triassic Restaurant¬†definitely¬†manages to tick both of those boxes!

A Triassic Period themed Dinosaur Restaurant

It’s hard to miss this place if you’re walking past – there’s a giant dinosaur head on the front of the building. When you head inside, you’re going to see even more dinosaur-themed displays. We visited in December, so many of the dinosaurs were decked out with a little festive flair!

The interior of the restaurant feels like you’ve stepped into a rainforest. There’s lots of leafy greenery hanging from the ceiling, alongside palm trees, ferns, and other plants.

The menu and food

There are a range of different eating options to choose from at Triassic Restaurant. You’ll find gourmet-style meals for one, pizzas and tacos to share, and a variety of family-style plates of fried foods like chicken wings. You’ll also be served a complimentary basket of bread while you’re waiting for your meal. There’s also a comprehensive drinks menu, including both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, coffees, and more.


It’s worth noting that prices for the meals are higher than what I would expect at other restaurants serving similar styled food – for example, a dish of their rose-stone pasta was 22,500 won, and their rose curry rice was 15,500 won. In saying that, the quality of the food was surprisingly good, and the portions were large. You’re also effectively paying for a meal and entertainment with all of those amazing dinosaur displays, so I don’t think it’s a bad deal at all. If you do have leftovers, they are happy to box those up for you to take home as well.

Above, you can see the breadbasket, the rose-curry rice topped with tonkatsu and an egg, and the wings and fries platter – that one is great for sharing with a group!


Since this is a restaurant that caters to families, you’ll find a lot of child-friendly elements, right down to the cutlery provided for your little ones. How cute is this place setting?

Make a day out of your visit

If you’d like to make a day out of your visit to this part of Cheonan, there’s a kids cafe right next door called Naughty Child. I will share more about that spot next month, but we found that there was plenty of amazing stuff to keep our children entertained there, too! If you don’t want to pay for admission to a kids cafe, there’s a pleasant open parkland area right out the front of the restaurant, and a promenade area to walk along which is home to various retail stores.

Getting There & Useful Information

Map details for Triassic Restaurant can be found below. The restaurant is open from 11.30 am until 10 pm on weekdays, and 11 am until 10 pm on weekends. Do note that they take a break between lunch and dinner servings from 3 pm until 5 pm. If you want to scope out their menu in advance, visit their official website here.

There’s undercover parking available at the promenade area – you’ll see signs pointing towards the Naughty Child Kids Cafe, and Triassic Restaurant is right next door.

How to get there?