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Cheonan World Dance Festival : Opening Ceremony
Sep 14, 2018



Hello, this is Choenan social reporter, Rosa.

Music and dance are languages that need no translation, the sound and visual is all you need to understand the message.   How we receive the message is different from everyone else. The message can make us happy, sad, excited, and nostalgic. We all take away something different from a particular song or dance.

Generations of stories are told through traditional dancing and singing that remind us of where we come from, family history, culture, and our country. The Cheonan World Dance Festival takes us on a tour of the old and the new.

During the week of September 12th through September 16th, more than 15 different countries including, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, Malaysia, Serbia, will participate in the Cheonan World Dance Festival held at the gorgeous Samgeori Park. At the festival, you will get a chance to experience a little bit of everything, from international folk-dance shows, parade, dance battles, street dance battle and one of my favorites, the Korean traditional wedding. The Cheonan World Dance Festival is the biggest event held every year in Cheonan, South Korea. The Festival has been awarded the “Best Culture//Tour/Festival in Korea. The Festival kicks off with a spectacular opening day ceremony. The opening ceremony sets the tone for the rest of the week. The park is laid out in such a way that it accommodates all the performances scheduled to take place during the festival without overlapping other performances going on at the same time.  Cheonan is a proud city and it takes pride in everything that it does. The Cheonan World Dance festival is in its 15th year, and every year it keeps getting bigger and better.  During the next five days, there will be over 30 different events taking place at Samgeori Park.  The Dance Festival is packed with events and activities for the whole family.

I was excited for the opportunity to go to the Cheonan World Dance Festival because last year I did not know about it until it was almost over. I must say that the Cheonan World Dance Festival’s opening ceremony was everything that I had expected it to be and more. In Korea, you will never be disappointed with any events, no matter how big or small, they will go all out and give you their best. the pageantry was beautiful, I felt like I was at the Olympics, there were so many different performances taking place. I couldn’t wait to get off work and head over to the park. Samgoeri Park is beautifully decorated in scenes depicting men and women singing and dancing in the old traditional Korean way. You make your way into the park by walking over the

beautifully decorated bridge. The park was packed with families and young school girls waiting to hear their favorite K Pop group. There were lines of people waiting to taste all the delicious food and browse around the various tents hawking the beautiful handcraft items that were on display. As you enter the park you feel the pull of the beautiful music coming from the Indian’s flute.

Cheonan, being the host city did not disappoint, it pulled out all the stops, there were famous Korean performers such as Girlfriend, XO, dignitaries from all over Cheonan, and representatives from all the participating countries were on hand to help make this festival a success and, no festival is really opened until we hear the fireworks. The opening ceremony started with award presentations by the Cheonan Mayor to the winners from last year, the representatives from each participating country was presented with a gift and, The Mayor from Turkey gave the welcoming address.

My favorite part of the opening ceremony was the beautiful traditional dance. I was mesmerized from the minute they stepped out on the stage. The customs were vividly breathtaking, the colors were so bright and beautiful, the dancers were gorgeous, the deliberate slow walk of the King and Queen, the white flowy sleeves, the King and queen’s performance, it was just great. I was in love.  There were some amazing performances by the winners of last year.

The participating countries were introduced and all the performing members were brought up on stage dressed in their country’s traditional attire. Finally, the Mayor of Cheonan officially opened the 15th Cheonan World Dance Festival.

The Cheonan World Dance Festival is a great event to check out! It is an interesting display of both current and traditional Korean culture as well as international. The performances are fantastic, the atmosphere is great and best of all, it’s all free, I mean of course you have to pay for your food. So, if you have ever wondered about what Korean culture is, you still have time to visit Cheonan and check out the International Dance Festival at Samgeori Park and bring your appetite.

Cheonan World Dance Festival Special Reporter = Rosa Evora

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