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The Street Dance Parade (Cheonan World Dance Festival)
Oct 18, 2019

In addition to all the fun, festivities and live music offered at the festival grounds itself, the Cheonan World Dance Festival also puts on a parade that runs right through the streets of Cheonan in front of the bus terminal.

The parade features dance teams from 20 countries being represented in the festival as well as several Korean teams. If you are looking for a world-class parade starring the best dances from all over the world, then this event is not for you. However, what the parade does offer is an up-close look at dancers of all ages, giving their best and making their countries proud.

Because it takes place on the main street, spectators are able to enjoy the dances from only a few yards away, offering a close-up look that can be difficult to find at the festival itself. The city sets up bleachers right on the street itself allowing for the parade path to be lined with viewers.  At the start of the street there is a stage where two announcers broadcast what is happening in both Korean and English. They also give a little background information on each team. All in all, the parade is well thought out and able to handle a large crowd without sacrificing visibility.

International Dance Groups

The international teams are all dressed lavishly from head to toe in garb unique to their own countries, giving viewers a good insight into a variety of cultures.  Each group performs a stylistic variation of their country’s traditional dance. Some of the dances are a bit simple and repetitive while others feature awe-inspiring acrobatics, performers on stilts, and full-on battles fought out to the beat of the music.

Korean Dance Groups

Amidst the international groups many Korean teams from Cheonan and throughout Korea perform as well.  The dance styles range greatly from belly dancing, latin salsa and batchata, and hip-hop to cheerleading, Taekwondo-dance fusion, and traditional Korean performances.  The many Korean teams also each have their own costumes and perform dances to songs of their choosing. Some teams wave flags in choreographed movements while others show off jumping and martial art skills.  Most of the teams dance to fun pop songs and the performers go all out in order to give the crowd a fun show.

Mini Concert and Awards

This year, after all the teams had finished their dances, they met further down the road where dancers and spectators alike were treated to a show by a PSY look-alike aptly named PSY Burger. Although not quite the real thing, this PSY copy, accompanied by a few background dances, had all the moves and confidence of the original and put on a surprisingly fun show. 

After the mini concert was concluded, the mayor of Cheonan, Koo Bon-Young, made an appearance on stage to present awards based on the parade performances. This year the first prizes for the Korean and international divisions went to Rainbow Cheer and the Turkish dance team.  The Taejosan Youth Training Center took second along with the Colombian dance team, and the Dankook University team and Uzbekistan placed third. Last of all, the mayor ended the night with some touching words:

“Thanks to all the people at home and abroad who have enjoyed the great performance, I hope that this will lead to a sense of confidence that we can do anything together, and that it will be courage and hope in your life.”

The parade is yet another example of how amazing and expansive the Cheonan Dance Festival really is. Not only do they put on an incredibly complex festival with multiple stages and tents going non-stop for days on end, but they also treat spectators to a full night of up close dances and excitement.

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