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Pepero Day in Cheonan
Nov 23, 2019

On Monday, November 11, the day of one of the most popular sweets in Korea was celebrated ¨ Pepero Day¨.  On this day, both young couples and groups of friends exchange or gift boxes of pepero to celebrate their friendship and show their affection with each other. The pepero is a cane-shaped cookie, surrounded by chocolate, although we can already find them of all the flavors that we imagine as blueberries, cream cheese, cookies, white chocolate, almonds or strawberry, which are just some of the flavors that can be found in stores.


This year the preparations for this celebration in Cheonan began a few days earlier, when the stores especially those located in the Yauri area were filled with pepero and other sweets and, even, with very tender ornaments such as teddy bears, bouquets of roses in small hampers, among others.



Prices were relatively very comfortable for the variety of promotions that were offered. Stores such as the popular Art Box located in front of the Shinsengumi were the first to be sold out a day before 11, prices ranged from 2,000 won for a small box of 3 chocolates, up to 20,000 won, for those who wanted up to 2 dozen of chocolates. On the other hand in the convenience stores they offered a lot of promotions of the only pepero from 1,500 won to 10,000won, the funny thing was that each of them installed a small tent in the street from where people could directly access to see the variety of products.



Among other stores there was one in which it was characterized by offering pepero and ingredients to decorate separately, people could acquire their own ingredients according to their own preference in the pepero shape, chocolate flavor and color as well as the decorative elements that go in the pepero.


Pepero’s day was very special for all those who exchanged this sweet, so if you are thinking of joining the celebration from next year, remember that in the most popular area of ​​Cheonan “Yauri” you will find a wide variety of options.