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My family and I visited Cheonan’s Taehaksan Recreational Forest recently, and while we were there we found a pleasant cafe just across the street. Pino Cafe has a range of eats and drinks on offer, complete with a scenic view of the area’s stunning nature.

The menu here is only in Korean, however the barista communicated with me in English. In fact, we connected because he had taken a working holiday to my home country of Australia – so don’t fret if you don’t speak or read Korean. I opted for a simple vanilla latte which was served alongside a piece of salted caramel chocolate – a welcome addition!

Alongside the drinks, you’ll find main meals, light snacks, and sweets on offer too.

The interior of Cafe Pino is very warm and inviting, with exposed brick walls and pretty pendant lights hanging from the ceiling. The large windows let a lot of light in and showcase the natural beauty of the area, so I recommend sitting at the table by the front window. In fact, the barista told me that the seat I chose is the most popular spot in the cafe with patrons! When I visited though, all of the other customers were sitting outside and appreciating the great weather – next time I think I’ll take their lead and do the same.

Another fun thing about a visit to Pino Cafe is the cute outdoor photo opportunities they have set up. There’s a bright green swinging loveseat (perfect for couples!) and a wall adorned with colorful flowers that would be an Instagrammer’s heaven! Be sure to snap a few pictures when you visit.

A caffeine fix at Pino Cafe is the perfect pick-me-up before or after your exploration of the Taehaksan Recreational Forest. You can find map details for the cafe below, and a large on-site parking lot is available.

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