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How to protect yourself from fine dust
Apr 1, 2019
If there’s one thing we all know about whether you are a foreigner or resident in South Korea is the dreaded fine dust. The fine dust is also known as yellow dust seems to be one of the few downsides one has to experience when living in Korea

For those who might be new to the term fine dust, let me explain. Fine dust is the manifestation of all your primary and high school projects on air pollution. Think along the lines of foggy skies, gloomy days and a scratchy throat that needs to be soothed. The causes of fine dust according to research are categorized under domestic and foreign. Research conducted by the Korean government in June 2016, states that 30-50% of fine dust is from foreign factors such as Chinas Coal-burning power plants. The rest would be contributed by domestic factors such as car emissions or factories.


The past week has been tough in Cheonan as I’m sure many would attest. The fine dust levels have been dangerously high and unsafe for seniors and children to be exposed to. Practically the effects of fine dust don’t prohibit you from living your daily life, However, they do make you reconsider the danger it has on your health. To elaborate, I usually walk back home from work which is a 20-minute brisk walk, However with the dust in play, it is far safer to get home quick using public transport. Another example that comes to mind is being indoors you have to keep your windows shut for days on end.

I know I might be coming across as a “Negative Nancy” however this is the real one has to deal with. So I am here to give you some advice! First, you’ll need to download an app called  Air visual which will give you a reading on the days predicted air quality and it is available in English! Secondly, I am here to deliver the good news on what the Cheonan government is doing to help combat the dangers of fine dust you and also how you can personally protect yourself during this weather.

How to protect yourself from fine dust
  1. Wear a protective mask

These are nose and mouth mask that one wears to reduce the amount of fine dust inhaled during your commute. These can be helpful and do give you peace of mind especially if you’re forced to be outside. One extra tip is to ask for fine dust protection masks, as Korea stocks different types of the mask which include if you’re sick.


  1. Wash and gargle

Now most people wash their hands when they get back home but this can’t be emphasized enough. In addition gargling your mouth can help clear your throat of any dust.


  1. Drink water

Drink as much water as you possible. Keeping hydrated will ensure that your body cleanses itself and that you don’t feel the effects of the fine dust as bad.

How Cheonan helps you fight against fine dust


  1. Air Purifiers

The Cheonan government since last year has installed air purifiers in school classrooms throughout Cheonan. Some air purifiers can also be seen in public buildings such as the immigration office and some hospitals as well.


  1. Fine Dust warnings

Every so often residents receive a warning on the air quality. The warning can be received as a phone text alert indicating the time in which bad air levels are expected and the severity on how to protect you.

These tips can not only help you but they can ensure that your health is better than what it would have been if you hadn’t used or known about them.