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How to Reset Your KIIP Passwords
Mar 20, 2021

Have you ever found yourself getting frustrated with logging in to the KIIP website?

Creating that account was hard enough. But then, you find yourself locked out from your accounts for whatever reason. Here are some hacks that you can try. 


Reset your SOCINET account


It would perhaps comfort you to know that you are not the only one who has forgotten a username or password. Even if you had tried to follow the pop up windows on how to do that, it just doesn’t work all the time. 

Let me tell you one that worked for me. You solve this in two ways. First, call 1345 and they can send you a copy of the request form. Or continue reading below. You will need a computer, printer and a fax for this one though. 

  1. Click on the form below to get a copy of the form for password reset request. Fill it up with your details. This will include your ARC number, address and phone number when you first signed up for the program. You might also need to attach an image of your ACR card. In case of a change on your contact number, please indicate both old and new because they will send the notification via text. 

  2. Once properly filled up, send it via fax to the number indicated. 

  3. Then, wait for the notification thru your mobile number. This will just take a day on a good date. 

  4. You can now use that new password to log in to your SOCINET account. 

If you don’t have access to a printer-fax machine, there should be a public library in your town with digital access for you to be able to print out the form. You will need a library user account (a.k.a. library card) but if you don’t have one yet, here’s another post to help you get one. 

Unfortunately, fax service is not a regular part of the digital library services.

Bigger school and office supply stores are also a good place to find fax services. It only cost about 600 won. 

Don’t forget looking into an internet cafe as well. Those game rooms also known as “pc bangs” will probably have both, along with a good internet speed.

Reset your kiiptest.org password account


Now, let’s say that you are ready to take a test. But are we ever really ready for such? And to make it worse, you also forgot your password.

Before anything else, it’s best to open the kiiptest.org website through the socinet.go.kr.  Just tick the box and click “apply” at the lower right as shown below.


It should open the kiiptest.org  website on a new tab like this below with your socinet.go.kr  username.

If that doesn’t work, no worries. Take note of the (02) 264- 38791 (extension #1) from the previous socinet page.

“안녕하세요. 비밀번호를 재설정하고 싶습니다.”


Just call them and give your Korean language speaking skills a try. There should be someone on their end in case either of you figure out that your Korean skills will need an English speaker instead.   

They will ask you for certain details to confirm your identity in order to give a new password. The whole reset process done over the phone will not take that long. Getting someone on the line might be harder though if you call during the peak days and hours. It’s better to have your log in accounts in order before the specific sign up period for classes and tests. Slots are known to disappear fast on those dates. 

There are about 2,849 slots available for the pre-test as of this writing. And 1,608 slots are set for the final test, round 3 of this year as shown below. Most of the testing sites are currently outside the Seoul Metropolitan area because of COVID.

They will then ask you some personal details based on the information you had submitted when you signed up. This is, of course, to double check your identity. 

After confirmation, you will be informed of a new password that you can try right after the call. 

Quick notes and tips:

  1. Use Internet Explorer. That is a must practically for every Korean government online system.

  2. The account user name for both socinet and kiiptest are the same. The passwords can be different particularly if you choose to change them after the reset. 

  3. Get those log in details all set up beforehand. Signing up for classes or tests can sometimes be a test itself.

Doing the Korea Immigration and Integration Program in Korea is not easy.  A little bit of patience and politeness will help. There are times when we’ll feel frustrated or stressed but just take a deep breath and calmly try these hacks.