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Ride a horse for free in cheonan!!
Jun 19, 2019

Cheonan Samgeori Park was the location of my very first experience of riding horses for free. Yes as you heard that was totally for free, since April 20th, the riding experience in the downtown area, which was only held on weekends and holidays, Cheonan city announced on July 16th that it will be extended till 12th May of next year.
With 247 average visitors and a total of 2224 visitors, Cheonan city decided to extend the riding experience to provide more programs to Cheonan citizens during holidays and summer season.

As long as I can remember I’ve wanted to ride a horse. As a child, I worshipped Black Beauty and drooled over Palominos. As an adult, I dreamt of romantic horse-trekking holidays and galloping across beaches at sunset exactly as we see in movies.
But somehow I don’t know exactly why I never got round to actually getting on a horse.

Well my first experience riding a horse was not that dramatic as I always dream of but it was quite interesting it was exactly the same experience, as a child, I once sat on a pony while it was forced to walk in a circle at a random carnival but I don’t really consider that riding even tho, this time my experience was not that far it was almost same but what makes it a bit different and better was maybe the size of the horse, the horse I rode it was quite big , otherwise the stable was small the crew was also small with two riders , two big horses inside and other small beautiful horses for kids outside of it.

We arrived me and my friend we register our names in a list and we just had to wait so we can get ready. Once they called our names they gave us a helmet and a safety jacket in case we fall down or the horse goes out of control, which is impossible to happen you can rest assured, people there are professional they even accompany you during your ride, you won’t be alone. It was quite nice honestly and there were also many families, it was a warm experience and the best of all its free. So you have nothing to lose really you can come to spend your weekend there at the Samgeori park its so beautiful place to visit with a joyful atmosphere. A picnic is also a great idea, anyways you can find so many activities to do with a company or without. Even that day we visit the park we were surprised by the Music and Dance Festival so the place was crowded with many people with different ages from kids to elders everyone having fun in there ways, it was really great.

More information

Hours: 10:00 am to 17:00 pm ( 7 hours)
Place: Cheonan Samgeori Park Parking lot day
Experience Target: Adults and young Adults (height 1.05m or above)
Organizer: Korean riding ( inquiry riding department 02-6006-3692)

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