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With winter time in Korea It can be hard to get out and exercise. If you are a fan of baseball, — offers a fun alternative during the winter for exercise: Screen Baseball. Rather than round up 18 of your closest friends and play in the freezing cold weather, why not just play some screen baseball?

How much is it?

When you first arrive the worker will explain the pricing. The pricing is broken up into a variety of categories depending. If you come alone or want to play with a friend there are different prices. There are different prices for  6 inning or 9 inning games. There are different prices depending on how fast you want the  ball pitched to you.  If you have never done screen golf he will recommend that you do the minor league lesson which is a 7 inning game.

A basic 7 inning game will cost you 19,000  won.  The most expensive game will be 49,000 for a 9 inning game. The categories are broken down into major and minor league games. The minor league games have a ball speed of 60-80 km/ p hour. The major league games have a ball speed of 100km per hour. If you are unable to speak korean choosing a game might be a bit difficult.

The Extras

This Screen baseball place has a lot of extra amenities that make it a great place for friends and families. First, if you just want to relax and kill some time while your friends play baseball there is a huge lobby with lots televisions and games to play.  If you are hungry, there is a rather large snack menu filled with drinks and food to eat.  If you are hungry, there is ramen, squid, and candy to eat.  IF you want something to drink there is a variety of beer and cola for ordering.  The beers are all around 2000-3000 won and the food is 1000- 5000 won.

Screen baseball experience

Before you start off your screen baseball, the store has a large variety of baseball jerseys that you can wear to feel like a real baseball player.  When you walk into the room, the shop offers you baseball gloves, a bat, and a helmet. The worker will set up the game so all you have to do is just try and swing for a homerun.  There is a bench and a food menu on the wall when you want to take a rest from hitting the ball.

There is a large screen probably 12 feet tall at the end of a long hall. In the middle of the screen is a small hole that the ball comes out of. When you want to hit a ball there is a foot petal under home plate that you press. The Screen baseball plays like a normal game where you have 3 outs and 3 strikes per batter. There are no balls so every pitch will be a strike.

The game feels very realistic. There is a great surround sound system that makes you feel like you are in a real baseball game. All of the batters keep realtime stats and the game plays like a television broadcast complete with announcers and commercials. I haven’t played baseball in 20 years but I was able to hit some of the balls with the slower speeds. So if you are out of practice, don’t let it stop you. The game took about 40 minutes to complete but is well worth it with some friends.

Where is it?

AddressChungcheongnam-do, Cheonan-si, Dongnam-gu, Sinbu-dong, 451-1