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With winter weather right around the corner, it’s essential to keep your health and keep active. Just because the weather is cold doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your favorite sports with friends. Korea has a lot of indoor sports places like golf, baseball, fishing, and archery. For this week’s article, I will show you a famous indoor golf chain called GOLFZON.

In Korea, the land is tiny, and large golf courses are quite expensive. However, a cheaper and more fun alternative for all those golf enthusiasts is screen golf. The most famous chain in Cheonan is Golfezen. Here you can play all the best golf courses in Korea and America for a fraction of the cost. If you want to improve your golf game, the place offers one on one training with a real golf pro.

How much does it cost

Golfzen has a flat cost of 15 dollars an hour. If it’s your first time, you have to use the driving range for practice before you can try a course. If you are interested in personal training with a golf pro, it costs 600 dollars for ten lessons. There is no fee for club rentals. Each of the rooms has a set of golf clubs that are free to use.

Getting ready to golf

I went to the Golfzon in Sinbudong. After talking to the worker, you can choose two golfing types: practice or a real game. The software has over 20 golf courses in Korea and one in America. There is a large couch in the back when you want to take a rest. When you want to change your shot or direction of a ball, buttons on the floor are labeled in English. After every swing that you do, there is a camera that shows you your swing. It’s an excellent tool for seeing problems in your form. It all adds up to a realistic golfing experience.

The screen golf experience

When I walked into the room, I was told that I had to use the practice mode to get used to the system. It was my first time golfing indoors, and I was a little timid swinging a golf club in a small room. I was nervous that I was going to hit the projector or the lights. The worker was very helpful in explaining everything in English to me. When the worker saw I was timid, the club pro came in and helped me with my fears. He showed me some full-power swings and told me not to worry about hitting the ceiling. After 10 minutes of practice, the worker brought me in some orange juice and some water. For 15 dollars, it was enjoyable. I recommend it for anyone who enjoys golf or exercise. This is the perfect activity for solo or groups..

Where is it?

Hours of operation: Everyday 10am to 1am

Phone: 523-0753