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Seongjeong Market
Jun 28, 2019

On today’s post we decied to write about Seongjeong 5-ga Market the main reason is because we feel kind of nostalgic and have an special feeling about this place.

We used to leave near from here and visit this market almost everyday. People who works here are very nice and hard working people.

Seongjeong 5-ga Market, which is surrounded by apartment complex (성정 5단지) and studio apartments (원룸), is an active alley market. It is very convenient and accessible to visit by car and public transportation.

Traditionally, traditional markets are often self-generated, but they are also built with the construction of apartment complexes.

There are Byeongcheon Market and Namsan Central Market (CLICK HERE to read our article about this market), which represent Cheonan, but Seongjeong 5 Complex was created when the Olympic Games were held in 1988 . The market was named Starlight Village Seongjeong Market, but it is also called Seongjeong 5 Complex Market.

Sungjeong Market has 53 stores in total. They have plans to strengthen ties with regular roadside shops to gain a competitive edge.

Seongjeong Market recently opened a night market. It’s a place run by merchants, not by outsiders.

To get in the market you can actually walk from Cheonan Station or take bus number 12 and is going to leave you exactly in front of the market.

The area were is located is really accessible so 1 or 2 streets more you can find many other options to get in there. Just search for Seongjeong-dong area and naver or google maps is going to give you the best options for you.

How to get there?