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Spend the day at Hyodeok Ranch with Cheese and Ice Cream
Sep 25, 2019

Are you a mom with younger children?  Do you like to create things with your hands? Or just looking for something to do with a loved one without fear of Korea’s unpredictable weather? If yes, keep scrolling.

The beauty of Korea is that there are just as many things to do outdoors as there are things to do indoors. Those who enjoy engaging, educational activities should head on to Cheonan City. The city of Cheonan has an array of agricultural products; blueberries, pears, walnuts, grapes, apples, melon and many more.

In order to promote their agricultural products, Cheonan farms have created a bunch of farm experience programs. However, among the farms, there are four farms that also offer educational programs to further understanding of these agricultural products. Their educational classes are simple and geared mostly towards children. In these programs, kids can learn basic things like how to eat a balanced and nutritious meal, harvesting of agricultural products and many more. In some farms, there are also programs for adults.

The most kid-friendly among them is Hyodeok Ranch. This is based on one reason only, they have icecream. Their educational classes are simple and geared mostly towards children. In these programs, kids can learn about how to eat a balanced and nutritious meal, the many uses of milk, the development differences between cows and humans, harvesting and many more.

In 1986, when everyone was moving to the city, Kim Ho-Gi started his farm life with just four cows and a dream. He started the Hyodeok ranch and today, he lives on the ranch with his wife and five children who help to run the ranch. For a family business, they have gotten several awards and have managed to grow their ranch in today’s economy.

At the ranch, you can also experience feeding the calves hay and milk or ride on the truck and take a ride around the ranch feeling like a cowboy. However, the most popular programs consist of cheese making, pizza making and ice cream making. Yes Pizza!!! You get to decide your toppings and everything. I have still not gotten used to having onions on my pizza in Korea.

However, the programs are divided into 2-hour slots; Cheese + Ice cream making, Cheese + Pizza Making, Pizza Making + Feeding the calves/A tour of the ranch. These programs are run all year but giving the summer heat, the most popular program right now is the Cheese + Ice cream making.

The cheese is made from scratch right from the organic milk gotten from the ranch. Wash, drain, drag for consistency and repeat till you get your desired texture. Korea is not exactly known for high quality cheese but the taste of the cheese from the ranch tasted different from the ones in stores around Korea. My friends had better tasting ones due to their ability to get the right texture but my impatience for the next round got to me.

If you consider yourself a cheese connoisseur, enthusiast or just interested in a cheese making program, there is another intense experience program offered on the ranch dedicated to cheese. In this program, you learn everything about cheese from production to making one from scratch to learning how to design your food with cheese.

While your cheese is going through its final drain and getting ready to be packed, you move on to the ice cream making section, which is a treat for everyone in this hot humid weather. Both vanilla (milk) and chocolate flavors are available upon request, both offered depending on the season.

Just when we thought it was over, we were surprised with canapes. Cheonan is famous for cucumbers so they created a sour-crème base with strawberries and cucumbers. Sound weird right? But it was surprisingly refreshing and delicious. Cheonan is also famous for their grapes, so pack your cheese and grab a bottle of the local wine or some of the ranch’s famous Sunlove yogurt for a perfect end to an exciting day.

How to Get To Hyodeok Ranch

Address: 133-1 Daeheung 2-gil Dongnam-gu Cheonan-si Chungcheongnam-do

By Public Transport:

Take a train to Cheonan station or a bus to the Cheonan Jonghap Terminal

Transfer to the inter-city bus 500, 530 or 531, stop at Seongnam Elementary School

Walk for 15 minutes or request pick-up during reservation.

Reservation Contact

Lee Seon-Ae: 010-8422-8795

Kim Ho-Gi: 010-3422-8795

Email: sunlove4h@naver.com

How to get there?