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How to escape from Corona cabin fever? Go for a stroll along the Buldang stream.

In this post, I would like to introduce you a nice walking path in Buldang-dong. The path starts at Cheonan-Asan library or Moda Outlet and goes all the way along the Buldang stream down to Shin-Buldang, or vice-versa, depending on where you would like to start.

This is one of the rare paths which is suitable for riding your bike or for jogging. It’s great for taking your baby out for a stroll as well. Many people also come for a walk with their dogs.


Even though the path goes through a busy part of Cheonan, it is surprisingly quiet and you can hear the calming sounds of the stream.

Splish splash

Can you spot the ducks?

You will pass four bridges on your way. The only thing which is a little inconvenient is that the path ends at Buldang bridge 3 and you have to cross the street to continue walking. Unfortunately the traffic light is turned off and the street could be busy. Hence, you need to be cautious when crossing, especially the elderly or when you are walking with a stroller. In my opinion, this could be improved to enhance safety.

Once you cross the street, you will find something interesting on your right.

There is a barefoot/ acupressure path. Why not give it a try to refresh your mind and give your feet a quick massage?

My highlight is the Cheonbyeon park (천변공원) and playground, which is located just across Buldang Middle School, Buldang Elementary School and Buldang bridge 4 (불당교4) near the Shin-buldang entrance of the path.



While the playground itself is more geared towards older children, the park area is also nice for babies and toddlers since they can practice walking on the grass.

The park is surrounded by coffee shops and restaurants. I imagine it would be very nice to enjoy a cup of coffee outside once the situation allows us to do that again.

The bridge is very pretty in spring and summer when the riverbank is full of luscious green and the bridge is covered with flowers.

The autumn scenery with its colourful red and golden leaves is charming, too.

Late autumn


  • Playground

  • Outdoor gym

  • Public restroom

  • Dog waste bag dispenser

  • Barefoot/ acupressure path

In a  nutshell, this path is great for an easy walk for everyone at every time of the year.

How to get there?

Two locations:

  1. You can get off the bus at Moda Outlet (Pentaport) and start walking from there or

  2. Start at Shin-Buldang. The nearest bus station in Shin-Buldang is Buldang Hyundai iPark No.1954


If you can read Korean, I would recommend to check out Naver Map for more accurate directions.

Click here 천안 천변공원

How to get there?