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#Museum Archives - Fun in Cheonan

Cheonan Museum a Place of Wonders and Harmony

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Cheonan, famous for its ‘’Three-way intersection’’, is a place of encounters and exchanges where people from Yeongnam, Honam and Chungcheong provinces met. Therefore, this place represents the venue where travelers and merchants gathered and is a place of understanding and harmony. The three-way intersection is just a couple of minutes ride from the Cheonan Express Bus terminal and is easily accessible with Bus number 12 (Express bus terminal to Cheonan Museum bus stop).  Due to its historical importance, nearby this area is abundant with museums and an amazing park, where one can take a long stroll and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Cheonan Museum was opened to show the history and culture of the Cheonan and presents artifacts and relics that sheds light on the history of Cheonan from the prehistoric times to the modern times through permanent exhibitions: Exhibition Hall 1 (Cheonan Archeology Hall) contains displays of artifacts from the Bronze Age; Exhibition Hall 2 (Cheonan History Hall) illustrates rural living; Exhibition Hall 3 (Cheonan Three-Way Intersection Hall) contains symbolic models of the Cheonan Three-Way Intersection, a gathering place for people from the three southern provinces of Korea; Exhibition Hall 4 (Transportation and Communications Hall) displays transportation-related artifacts and materials on the transportation means of the Joseon Royal Family, railway, subway and KTX; and Exhibition Hall 5 (Children’s Hall) provides a chance for children to learn about our history based on first-hand experiences.

Before entering the museum visitor can wander around the beautiful garden which is just in front of the entrance. Garden has a small beautiful pond and relaxing space in the heart of the city, making you feel stress-free while adding to the surrounding landscape and harmony. Little further, you can find typical old style housing of Chungcheong province.

Upon entering the museum, English speaking person will quickly guide the visitors to the second floor, where several exhibition halls are presented. First one represents the period from the Paleolithic to the Three Kingdoms, focusing on the Bronze Age relics and artefacts discovered through excavations.

The next hall shows the history and culture of Cheonan and the lifestyle of the local community from the Koryo dynasty to the Chosun dynasty. After that, to the same floor, ancient Korean customs are represented by the wax human figures.

After that, the visitors are guided to the first floor where the telecommunication and transportation artefacts are represented, including the first modelled Samsung mobiles, computers and so on.  And finally, there is the special exhibition hall for children, where they can play the puzzle games, watch the TV or ride the steam locomotive. Besides, kids can learn about historical figures while watching the animation or trying the Korean traditional dress-Hanbok!

Summarizing all my impressions from the visit to Cheonan museum, I believe, it is one of the most child-friendly places that I have seen so far. Every hall has numerous educational games for children of all age, so they can play and study simultaneously.

Cheonan museum is indeed a place where you can feel the romance of Cheonan and listen to the stories of ‘’travelers’’.

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