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Korean Hot Pot For Cold Winter Days

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I do not know which season you like, but, I am not that one whose favorite season is winter. Short daytime, the darkness to descend in a flash, limited outdoor activities, frozen streets, and chilling weather… Everything about the winter depresses us except enjoying the weekend by making a snowman. That is why many of us do not like the winter season and prefer staying at home. As for the winter of South Korea, there is something, supposed to be mentioned is; the weather is challenging. And in these cold days, low temperature causes Koreans to tend a trend which is common all over the world that people consume hot meals and drinks for warming themselves. Therefore, specifically Korean hot soups get popular among the people in this season.

Lately, I have heard about a restaurant where makes super delicious ‘만두’ (mandu- Korean dumpling) and hot pots. The restaurant’s name is 이고집 만두 – Ego Chip Mandu, and it has a considerable background from 1970ths so far. By taking into account its history, we can say that the restaurant has succeeded to gain people’s admiration. So I thought ‘why not to indulge ourselves with some tasty meal there?’ However, I was not the only one who had got the same thought. There was a long queue waiting in the anteroom when we reached the restaurant. It was unbelievable to see people patiently anticipating there, although the long waiting time. There must have been a special reason makes people wait even for an uncertain time until one table gets empty inside. Apparently, that incredible reason was nothing else but only delightful foods. My expectation suddenly leaped on to the peak at that moment. Then, we got sequence number 29, had seats in the anteroom and kept waiting for our turn. In total, it lasted approximately one hour to get an empty table, in that big crowd on a Saturday. You know, everything beautiful has a payoff.

After having seats in the restaurant, we took a look at the menu. My Korean friend, who was with me recommended ordering 만두샤브전골 (mandu shabu jeongol) and 군만두 (goon mandu). To sum up, Goon Mandu is a fried Korean dumpling which is filled with a mixture of minced meats, vegetables, and tofu. But it is more complicated to describe when it comes to Mandu Shabu Jeongol. Because it is a special meal, made by mixing three different foods. Jeongol is a Korean-style hot pot, cooked by boiling in its special pot, called 전골틀 (jeongolteul). The main ingredients of Jeongol are meat, mushroom, seasoning, and broth. When you add Shabu Shabu (Japanese hot pot)-style thinly sliced beef and Mandu into Jeongol, it becomes Mandu Shabu Jeongol. Who knows whose idea it was to mix these different flavors? Our share is to enjoy it now.

A meal time table cannot be even imaginable without Kimchi (traditional Korean spicy cabbage dish) in Korea. Additionally, radish pickle, green pepper pickle, noodles, and soybean sauce… After those side dishes, Mandu Shabu Jeongol came on to the table. When the hot pot started boiling, a fabulous smell emerged and surrounded the atmosphere of the restaurant. Then, we forgot it at all, how cold it was outside or how long we waited. It is completely understandable why the customers of this restaurant do not mind about waiting. You would not mind it as well if you taste its foods once.

If you are curious about how much it will cost you to have lunch or dinner with Korean hot pot at 이고집 만두 – Ego Chip Mandu, we have a piece of good news. The prices are affordable and satisfactory. The hot pots price is 10.000 won, mandu species’ price is 6.000 won, the beverage prices are in the range of 2000 – 5000 won.

How we went to 이고집 만두 – Ego Chip Mandu is firstly we took in the bus number 52 at Cheonan Train Station. After around 25 minutes travel, we took off the bus at 중앙소방학교 후문 ( Jung Ang Fire Fighting School). For the next step, we took in a taxi to the restaurant. From Cheonan Station to 이고집 만두 – Ego Chip Mandu distance was almost 45 minutes. The detailed address of the restaurants is below mentioned.

Why not Ego Chip Mandu restaurant if you have ‘trying Korean hot pot’ in your must-do-list. Bon appetite!

Address: Chungcheongnam-do, Cheonan, Dongnam-gu, Wonseong 1(il)-dong, 258 Taejosan-gil, Dongnam-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do

How to get there?