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NANTA Program: a Fun Way to Destress

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How about relieving your stress? Or maybe you wanna get out of such boredom from such daily routine?
Come on and try this Nanta program to unleash your inner power drumming those “북” (buk), a korean term referring to a drum.



The 천안시다문화가족지원센터 (Cheonansi Multicultural Family Support Center) offers this program to marriage migrants without any fee. There were about 10-12 members who participated last year, which most of them came out to perform at some places. Classes are held only once a week every Wednesday at 10am for only 2 hours in Baekseokdong. If there will be an upcoming performance, classes are done twice a week. There is a car service also being offered for free from Cheonan Station to Baekseokdong at around 9:40am for your convenience!


You will get to learn the basics first which include the handling of “채” (drumstick) and where to hit the drum for different sounds. Also, don’t get shocked on this! Remember, this is nanta so you will be swaying around some parts of your body too. I’m telling you, it’s EASIER than you thought and way lots of FUN!

So come on and destress! They have the new water drums that you’ll possibly use.
Who knows, you might be able to perform on stage too just like me in no time!

*Supposedly, the class should have started February 5 for this year. But due to the novel Corona (COVID-19) virus outbreak, the start of class is on indefinite. I hope you’ll stay updated.

What to do:
Head to the Cheonansi Multicultural Family Support Center main office near Cheonan Station bringing your ARC (Alien Registration Card) with you and register for you to enjoy the programs offered. If ain’t possible, you can give them a call and inform them of your interest in joining this amazing Nanta program and register on your first day of class!

Kindly click below to check out their website for the updated programs they are offering.

Cheonansi Multicultural Family Support Center WEBSITE

Or you can reach them here:
* Tel. 041-1577-8653
* Fax. 041-622-8904
* Email. 15778653@hanmail.net

Check out this Calligraphy program they offered. You might wanna try it out when they open it again for new participants.

How to get there?
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