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#VR Archives - Fun in Cheonan

VR Cafes: A fun saturday

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The Camp VR Cafe that I visited was called Camp VR Cafe in Shinbudong. It is located across the street from the Shinshegae department store and is really easy to find because of the large VR  signs on the outside of the building.  The Café is open every day from 11 am to 11 pm. Camp VR café offers a  wide range of packages starting from a single game to all day long. The Prices are 15,000won

The Café offers a wide range of VR experiences. There is a racing area where you can sit in a race car chair and drive expensive cars. There is a rollercoaster chair that makes you think you are really in a rollercoaster. There is a battlefield area where you will walk around the VR café using your gun. There is a PlayStation 4 area with comfy chairs. Finally, there is an area where you stand still while wearing the VR headgear, that offers multiple games.  If you want to take a break from the VR there are tables and chairs to relax in and refreshing beverages to enjoy. There is even a powder room for women to freshen up if they are on a big date.

I decided to try out two of the games. If you don’t speak any Korean then this place could be a little overwhelming as were no English signs and the workers didn’t speak English. You will be able to figure out how to play but it will be a lot of trial and error.  The first game I chose was boxing. After applying a sweating mask for my face, I was explained the rules and started to play. I wanted to play on the hardest setting and found it frustrating that the worker made me do the tutorial. The boxing game was a bit of a cardio workout. You have to punch, jab, and avoid punches constantly. I played for 10 minutes and fought 2 different fighters.

The second game that I played was car racing. Unlike the VR game, for this game, you don’t have to wear any headgear.  I sat in the chair and the worker explained the game in Korean. The car game didn’t feel as immersive as the boxing game but had a lot of fun features. The seat moved when I drove, and rumbled when crashed my car. The ride also had surround sound, so when I revved up the gas it felt like I was in a real race. The only bad part was that there were petals close together but you only used two of them. Because I have big feet, the closeness of the petals made it hard to drive.


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