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HANDS-FREE Shopping: Storing your Baggage in Shinsegae Mall

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Having some spare time while waiting for a friend? Or maybe, you’re too early not to miss your bus ride to the airport? But with you are these loads of shopping bags or even bringing this bulging luggage of yours. Don’t worry, you can go on window shopping, even a shopping galore, or just comfortably roam with a friend all the way you want at ease without carrying those baggages around the Terminal area! So, let me introduce to you how to let your HANDS FREE of it!


Shinsegae Department Store
bus terminal
Krispy Kreme
Taxi Bay

With the cold breeze of winter, you need to be warmth with bulging clothes or just even a very fluffy coat when leaving your house. During the cold season, malls or department stores like Shinsegae (where the bus terminal is located), welcome their visitors rather customers with warmth coming from their centralised heaters. This kind of situation is very uncomfortable for me, even to a point that I really sweat due to the combination of the above mentioned. 


Then what about, you wanted to fit some clothes to buy and even do groceries? Will you love to do these with 2 or more paper bags hanging on your left arm? Adding to that, maybe another 15kg luggage that your right hand needs to pull? Oh! just thinking about it makes me shut my eyes. 


Having a hand that can move freely and walking or sitting comfortably would be the best feeling specially when you’re at the mall, right? 


Continue reading below and this might help unburden you. ^^


In other countries, malls have a luggage/baggage counters where you hand your things to a personnel to keep them for you while you roam around the premise. In Korea, there’s no such thing as that. Instead, they have LOCKERS. The Shinsegae Department Store which is the main attraction in the terminal area, actually has LOCKERS.  Pictures shown below.

They are divided in 3 parts, being labelled above. Lockers A, B, and C.



Locker A has a capacity of 50. Locker B, which is just connected to Locker A, has 60. And Locker C, placed on the other side, has 50. That’s a total of 110 slots to leave your stuffs!


They are in two sizes: smaller ones with almost 4 rows placed above the bigger ones having only a row of it. You can use the bigger ones when you opt to leave your luggage/carrier.






How to USE these LOCKERS?


You will be using the touchscreen monitor to use the lockers. It shows steps one by one starting with what you want to avail: KEEP BAGGAGE or TAKE BAGGAGE.



Don’t worry about having a problem understanding it because it runs in Korean/English/Chinese/Japan languages.



Check the lights shown from each lockers or simply look at it from the monitor.

RED – used

BLUE – available for use



Kindly check this video to show you HOW TO KEEP YOUR BAGGAGE.





and this below on HOW TO TAKE YOUR BAGGAGE.





Where can we FIND these LOCKERS?


You can access them easily through the glass door on the right side of the entrance door between Krispy Kreme and Uniqlo. That’s actually the shortcut to Emart.


Pictures show the Main entrance and Shortcut passage.



OR If you’re already inside, you can go to the ticketing area of the bus terminal, and then make your way to Emart through this door (picture shown below, just beside Loteria). Enter that door and walk straight then you will see the aisle of Lockers right away.







This video shows you the way to the lockers from the Main Entrance Door BETWEEN Krispy Kreme and Uniqlo.







Is there a FEE?



Don’t worry about having to pay when in fact, it CAN be FREE! Just make sure you take it before 2 hours of use. If you needed more time to store, you can OPT to:

go back and do the steps once more

ready some coins/bills to pay a fee of 1000 won for 4HOURS or 1500 won for 6HOURS of use









Hope you enjoy your time with comfort by using those lockers my dears^^

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