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Thai Ppan-ppan: A Thai Restaurant in Cheonan
Jul 7, 2019

Summer is most definitely here. The hot humid days and the slightly cooler nights indicate that our winter days are well behind us. For most foreigners in South Korea, teaching as an EFL instructor is our primary source of income, which means our summer vacation doesn’t really commence until August. Often considered an unfortunate time for a vacation since that is when the days are at the most humid, expats love to leave the country and travel to sunny shores, sandy beaches, and happier climates. Common destinations among these travelers include Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Japan, Guam, and Jeju, just to name a few.

A major highlight apart from the change of climate is the cuisine. There’s bubble tea, pineapple cake, beef noodles, kare-kare, chicken adobo, fried spring rolls, mixed rice, sushi, oranges, pork, and so much more. But with this change of scenery and cuisine comes the expense tag associated with travel: airfare, accommodations, transportation, food, touring, shopping, the list goes on. So if you find yourself in the position of wishing for sandier shores and yummier delights but aren’t quite ready to foot the bill, there is an alternative: stay local and frequent establishments that offer authentic foods cooked and prepared by native chefs. One such location is Thai Ppan-ppan (타이 빤빤) in Buldang-dong. It’s rich and authentic cuisine prepared by a native chef offers a taste of Thai so true to the real deal you’ll think you’re vacationing, so read on for all relevant information.

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Instead of boring you with detailed descriptions of menu offerings, how about you look for yourself and find what might tickle your fancy.

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Author's Choice

When we visited the restaurant, we tried a number of dishes and drinks. All were delicious, especially the drinks. Below is a detailed listing of what we had and the associated price.



deep fried pork wonton with sweet sauce

Thai Single Fried Rice with Shrimp


fried rice with baby shrimp and cucumber

Thai Single Fried Noodles with Shrimp


sauced noodles with jumbo shrimp and lime

Stirred Fried Ribbon Noodles with Chicken


leafy green stir fry with chicken

Thai Tea


basic Thai tea with sweetener

Thai Iced Tea


sweet iced tea

Hours, Important Information, & Location


Open daily | 12PM-9PM

Important Information

– No smoking

– The restroom is located outside the main dining area. If you need to use it, enter code 2700* into the keypad on the door.

– Not all staff can speak Korean or English well, so you may need to be patient while ordering.

– They offer delivery.

How to get there?