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Take a Deep Breath in the ‘Ssangyong Park’
May 21, 2018

If you live in a very cosmopolitan area like Cheonan city it is hard to be offered spaces for relaxation and taking a breath due to the industrial growth. Are you living in Ssangyong-dong, the western part of Cheonan? Then away from worry, this part of the Cheonan city is offering a huge spacious park to you for taking deep breath and relaxation.  Yes, it is ‘’Ssangyong Park’’(쌍용공원).  It is believed, ’Ssangyong Park is one of the parks, is providing huge area and favourable environment for all ages of peoples to take exercise, some sorts of game, spending time with gossiping and relaxation. The whole area of parks is designed with different types of gymnastics equipment, walking path, seating benches, beautiful pavilion, and available fresh water supplies and also separate restroom for male and female. Not only space, the park looks very attractive and beautiful when different types of flower blooms and plant come to live with various colourful leaf. And obviously, the glow of reddish light of the sun just before set come from a mountain in front roadside to make the park cool and quiet in the afternoon, will make everyone’s heart peaceful. Walking on the long walking lawn in the morning and evening will make you feel ‘a taking deep breath’ from nature. So, definitely, this is the place for enjoying all sorts of people regardless of the time. Because the most intriguing thing is that the park has no time for close and free. Peoples are living nearby the park can enjoy walking and jogging, physical exercise with gymnastics equipment, spend time by gossiping with friends and accompany with pet animals, play some sports like basketball and campaign. If you are lucky, you can be entertained with a military drill which some time exercised by Korean army especially in a summer session.

Don’t worry about your distance; Ssangyong Park may be the great offering place to fun with a day or late night campaign, picnic with your friends and family. The outsider, of the Ssangyong-dong area, can easily come to Ssangyong Park by talking shuttle bus no.2, 20 or 800 from Cheonan bus terminal or Asan. There is more space in entry part of the park usually used as parking stand, so you can come by driving.

After that, you can enjoy refreshment in ‘ABYSSINIA COFFEE’ house on the downhill opposite side of the park.

So, don’t miss to take a deep breath in the Ssangyong Park

How to get there?