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Have you ever heard the saying “we eat first with our eyes”? It’s a scientifically proven fact that humans gravitate towards food that looks good. If you appreciate the aesthetics of what you eat, there’s an amazing cafe in Cheonan where you can enjoy sweets that are so beautifully crafted that you may even feel guilty consuming them!

Artistic sweets at Tea Cafe Ang

Tea Cafe Ang is located in a bright yellow building just a short walk from Cheonan Station, and it’s a space that is shared by a range of other small businesses. The owner of the tea cafe specializes in making wagashi, a traditional style of Japanese sweet. I spoke with her (with the help of Google Translate!) and found out that she has had a connection with art for a very long time, having majored in art and worked in artistic fields for many years.

She had taken a trip to Japan and saw how traditional artisans created wagashi, which are typically made from a combination of mochi, bean paste, and fruits, and decided to try and make them herself. What originally started as a hobby turned into a business when Tea Cafe Ang opened last year.

Incredible attention to detail

Now, I’m telling you that these sweets really have to be seen to be believed! You can either enjoy your sweet of choice there in the cafe or have them packaged to take home with you, but either way I recommend enjoying them with a cup of hot green tea. Realistically though, the hardest choice you’ll need to make is which wagashi to choose – they are all spectacular! Many of the wagashi are seasonally themed or designed with special events in mind, such as Halloween, Christmas, or Lunar New Year, so no matter when you visit you’re likely to find something new. Whether you buy some of the wagashi to enjoy for yourself, or as a special gift for someone, you can trust that they taste as delicious as they look and are made with the utmost attention to detail.

Want to try making your own?

If seeing all the amazing sweets has you wishing you could try making them yourself, you’re in luck! The owner of the cafe runs classes on how to make wagashi, which you’re able to book by sending a direct message on Instagram. She said that she is more than happy to have foreigners attending the classes, but there may be a little language barrier if you don’t speak Korean.

Access, hours, and contact information

Tea Cafe Ang is located less than five minutes on foot from Cheonan Station. The cafe is open from 12 noon until 8 pm, from Tuesday to Sunday. Also, for more pictures of the incredible sweets available at the cafe, follow along on Instagram at @tea_cafe_ang.

How to get there?