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The Red Devils in Cheonan
Nov 1, 2018

“Wait, so you’re telling me I can bring food into the stadium?” “Absolutely,” he replied and proceeded to grin from the shocked reaction apparent on my face. “And they’re completely okay with this, yeah? You’re sure we won’t be stopped or asked to leave the food?” “Yes, completely okay with it. Believe me, I’ve done it before. It’s common. Everyone buys food and brings it in. That’s just how it is” came the reply from my husband. “So, then what type of food should we bring,” I asked. “What about fried chicken…or would you prefer pizza?” he said. “Well, I think pizza will be too difficult to eat, so let’s just go with the chicken.”

And go with the chicken we did, right into the stadium, through security, and up to our seats. We were attending a friendly match for South Korea’s national soccer team, the Red Devils as their fans fondly call them, which was taking place at the Cheonan Stadium. Posed to faceoff against Panama, the match was promising to be a good one, especially since we had fresh, juicy fried chicken in hand.

For those of you unaware to the exact location of Cheonan Stadium, the stadium is located in Buldangdong adjacent to City Hall. To put it into a bit of perspective, see the handy-dandy map below with a blue pin-drop.

For Cheonan, it was quite exciting to have the national team play in the city. Ever since South Korea won the Asian Game, the national team’s fan base has experienced a major uptake so much so that when it was announced the team would be playing in Cheonan, tickets sold-out in a hot second. But with that being said, if it weren’t for my husband, a Korean native, I would have never known about the game or possessed the knowledge needed to purchase the tickets. As such, I wanted to share with everyone the basic information needed to buy tickets, secure transportation and navigate other details related to making sure you’re able to enjoy the game next time the Red Devils visit Cheonan City.


Location & Address  

Cheonan Stadium – 천안종합운동장

208 Beon Yeong-ro, Baekseok-dong Seobuk-gu, Cheonan, Chungcheongnam-do

충청남도 천안시 서북구 백석동 번영로 208



Bus: Several buses run this route, so once you have settled on an arrival time for your match, look-up the times in KakaoMap. Generally, bus lines 1, 3, 14, 19, 21, 90, 800, and 990 run the route daily.

Metro: The closest metro stop to the stadium is Asan-아산, which also serves as a KTX and SRT station. If you choose to walk from the station to the stadium, it will take ~ 45 minutes.

Car: If you own a car and wish to drive, the stadium does have parking lots but they fill-up quickly, so plan to arrive early.



 Tickets are sold on Global Interpark. The site offers an English translation tool, so it’s incredibly easy to navigate.  On the homepage under “Categories,” there’s a listing for “Tickets” and a subheading for “Sports.” It is in this subheading that you’ll find tickets for the games.


Food & Drinks 

Food: As mentioned above, you can bring just about anything into the stadium in terms of food. Common munchies brought in include pizza, fried chicken, chips, and packaged snacks. You can purchase some food within the stadium but the options are limited.

Drinks: You can purchase beer and soda within the stadium or, as with food, bring your own. However, there are some limitations that apply: (1) you cannot bring cans, such as soda or beer, into the stadium; and (2) if the drink you bring has a cap, you must remove the cap, give it to the personnel at the check-in point, and place your bottle in a provided plastic cup.


Arrival Time & Seats 

If possible, try to arrive well before the game is scheduled to start. Seats are numbered according to section-row-seat (ex: E19-3-18) and can be a bit difficult to locate when crowded. Given the nature of the packed stadium, which holds ~26,000 people, and the time it takes to find your seats, the last thing you want to do is climb over folks already seated after the game has started.

How to get there?