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Things to do around Cheonan Station
Jul 9, 2019

Cheonan Station is the one connecting Cheonan to other provinces and cities in South Korea. Making it possible to go to Seoul within 1 hour and to Busan within 5 hours. Arriving at Cheonan station, there are a lot of things that people can enjoy while waiting for a friend, scheduled trip or during meetups.


The main road in front of Cheonan Station will lead you to pet shops that are close to each other. The puppies and kittens will attract you since they are very reactive to people who look at them even at the outside. Addition to that, its beautifully designed home for them are so appealing and the products for your pets. Near them, there is also a hospital for pets making this street for people who love to take care and own pets.


For people who want to taste and try foods around Cheonan, a tent where people drink (포장마차) and order some delicious foods can be found. This tents can be found near a small market in Cheonan station. We tried to eat Kkomjangeo (꼼장어) and also found a Buchujeon (부추전) and Kimchijeon (김치전) since going to market will always make you crave for traditional market foods in South Korea.



Asian markets and foods can also be found near Cheonan station. Indonesian, Indian, Nepal, Filipino, Malaysian, Vietnamese and others.

And lastly the Korean walnut Pastry (Hodukwaja – 호두과자) stores. There are two types of Hodukwaja that are available near Cheonan station. The other one has a sweetened red bean paste and the other one is sweetened mung bean paste filling. The two were both delicious and you can try both of it since the two stores can be found near to each other.

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