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One of my favorite things to do is explore the peaceful countryside areas of Cheonan. We’re fortunate in this part of Korea that we can enjoy the best of both worlds – bustling city life, alongside the peace and tranquility of pristine nature. Recently I found an amazing coffee shop surrounded by absolutely gorgeous scenery, about 30 minutes drive from the Cheonan Bus Terminal. Twin Turtle Coffee is definitely worth a visit!

The first thing I noticed once we arrived was just how beautiful the grounds are. Before I even headed inside the coffee shop, I was charmed by the patio area which looked out to all of the lush greenery. The rainy season was a wonderful time to visit, as it was overcast and meant that the temperatures weren’t too high — and luckily for us it didn’t rain on the day we stopped by.

Alongside the spacious covered patio seating, there is plenty of indoor seating too. I loved the style of these seats!

The CEO and Barista of Twin Turtle Coffee, Kateryna, is originally from Ukraine, and met her husband here in Cheonan. She speaks Ukrainian, Russian, English, and Korean, which is extremely helpful in catering to a range of different guests. She spoke with my husband and I in English, and explained to us some of the coffee shop’s history. She even gave us a tour of the grounds – we were so thankful for her fantastic customer service!

In the photos above, you can see lotus plants and flowers, coffee plants, and Mugunghwa – a type of hibiscus flower which is the national flower of South Korea! I had a lot of fun exploring the plant life on the grounds. In fact, at the back of the coffee shop there is a giant lotus pond with a bridge that you can walk out over. It wasn’t fully in bloom when we visited, but we are hoping to visit again later in July to see them. I have no doubt it will be spectacular!

The coffee here was as fantastic as the views! I had a latte and my husband had a cappuccino, which we both enjoyed alongside the complimentary Twix bars on our tray.

If you’re after a delicious coffee in some incredible natural surroundings, with super-friendly customer service, I highly recommend a trip to Twin Turtle Coffee. Be sure to leave some time to explore the area as it truly is beautiful!

Map Details for Twin Turtle Coffee can be found below. Free parking is available right out the front. Also, feel free to follow them on Instagram via the link here!