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Two Kinds of Coffee, All Kinds of Happy
Mar 12, 2021

Two Kinds of Coffe, All Kinds of Happy
Emma Azmee

There are many wonderful cafes in Cheonan. Each one has its own specialty. But how many of them have the cutest dog in the world? If you visit Two Kinds of Coffee not only can you enjoy great food and drinks, you can also relax and pet the most adorable dog ever.

Two Kinds of Coffee is a nice place found in Shin-Buldang. The area has many nice restaurants and cafes but only Two Kinds of Coffee has the fluffiest Samoyed. Her name is Bongja and she might just be the most photogenic dog ever. When you enter the café, she will give you a warm smile. Recently, Bongja just had a puppy who on occasion visits the café briefly.  

 If you can stop petting Bongja, you can go and order something delicious. Two Kinds of Coffee, of course, has a good selection of coffees and they also have great teas and ades available too. The café has a nice range of cold and hot drinks. While a hot tea is best for a cold winter day, a cool ade is preferable for the hot summer. But no matter the time of the year, their chocolate latte is great.  

 In addition to their drink menu, Two Kinds also offers many options to eat too. These options change on occasion and this keeps their menu refreshed and new. Their menu previously included various scones including a tasty cheese scone. Their apple crumble which includes ice cream was also very tasty. These days, they have expanded their menu to include strawberry toast and avocado toast. They have also added a delicious croffle to the menu that is also topped with ice cream. It is a perfect item on the menu to share with a friend.  

In the times of covid, the hours and ability to sit and enjoy the café varies with the different levels of restriction. When things get better, it is definitely a place to just sit and enjoy the atmosphere. The aesthetics of the café allow for great photo opportunities. The café is very friendly and is run by a family. They always make you feel welcomed. Whether you are studying or work, spending time with friends, or on a date, Two Kinds of Coffee, is great for everyone to enjoy. 

You can visit Two Kinds of Coffee’s Instagram to see more about the cafe and if you want to see more pictures of Bongja, do not worry she has her own Instagram as well.

Two Kinds of Coffee is located at:
충남 천안시 서북구 불당16길 26
Chungnamdo Cheonan-si Seobuk-gu
Buldang 16-gil 26